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Dermal Fillers Before & After – What Difference They Can Make!

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Dermal fillers are injectable cosmetics that can be used to shape, enhance, or define your features. They can be used to restore volume to ageing skin, rejuvenating and revitalising it.

Our professional team of medical experts solely use Juvéderm®, the world’s number one brand, to achieve natural, long-lasting results.

If you’re wondering what face fillers before and after look like, read on to discover more.

Cheek Fillers Before And After

Cheek fillers are a series of tiny injections of a gel-like formula that increase volume to the cheek’s soft tissue. They are a non-surgical method for lifting and sculpting the cheeks. These injectable dermal fillers add volume to the cheekbones, giving them more definition and shape.

They contain hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar substance found in the connective tissues of our skin. Its primary purpose is to retain water, which aids in the plumping and hydration of our skin. It increases the dimensions of the cheeks by providing them more fullness and symmetry when carefully injected.

If you’d like to learn more about face feminisation, read our blog on it here.

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Jaw And Chin Fillers Before And After

For both men and women, having a flawlessly sculpted or chiseled chin is one of the ultimate markers of youth and beauty. With the help of chin fillers, anyone can now improve the appearance of this key feature without resorting to invasive surgery.

Dermal chin fillers rejuvenate the face by restoring proportion and shaping the jawline, resulting in a sculpted and balanced lower face. Chin fillers also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm up drooping skin.

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Nose Fillers Before And After

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose but don’t want to endure invasive surgery, nose fillers (also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose job) may be a good option.

Dermal Fillers can give you a new look. Our professional practitioners can easily and quickly change the contour of your nose by injecting filler into it, improving your overall appearance.

Filler can be injected above and below a bump on the bridge of the nose to make the nose look straighter and the bump less apparent. A ‘hooked nose’ is another common problem. Filler can be injected into the tip of the nose to give it a raised or tilted appearance.

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Under Eye / Tear Trough Filler Before And After

Dermal fillers can assist if you’re weary of dark circles under your eyes. Our Tear Trough Fillers can rapidly and effectively revitalise and freshen your eye bags with no downtime.

By restoring lost volume and decreasing the appearance of dark circles, our safe and effective treatments help smooth out your under eye shadows. They also promote collagen formation deep within your skin, which helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Under-eye bags and dark circles will be reduced, giving you a more youthful, refreshed, and confident appearance.

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As you can see, fillers are excellent at helping you re-shape your entire face. Check out our blog on face reshaping here for more information on this topic.


How Permanent Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are formed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring material in your body. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, binds to water in your skin and integrates with your facial tissue to give you a natural-looking result.

Dermal fillers are not permanent since enzymes in the body break down HA over time. Fillers that are thicker and used for augmentation of the cheeks, chin, or nose can last up to two years. Most high-quality fillers should last for at least a year.

DestinationSkin’s professionals will be able to advise you on the sorts of fillers we use for each procedure and how long they will last. Discover our dermal fillers aftercare blog here.

Key Findings

  • Dermal fillers are an injectable cosmetic procedure used to enhance, sculpt and define your features or restore lost volume to ageing skin.
  • A naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) is injected under the skin for a plumping or smoothing effect in a simple procedure.
  • Dermal fillers work to treat various signs of ageing and add lost volume and plump up the desired areas.
  • Fillers are not permanent, and your body will break them down over time.
  • How long they last depend on the filler’s type and thickness used and your own body’s process.

Check out our blog on everything you need to know about fillers if you’re curious to learn more.

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