• Summer to winter

    How does it affect your skin?

So the seasons are changing and so is your skin. You will start to notice as the days get colder and the heating starts to get turned on your skin will start to feel more rough and dry. This is due to the fact that your hydration in your skin is not at its optimum. You then start to pile on the moisturiser in the evening to try to get your skin to feel supple. This in fact is just sticking back the skin that needs to come off in return of new skin cells being stimulated at the deeper levels.

You may also start to notice that the summer sun hasn’t been kind to your skin and as your tan fades, fine lines and darker patches appear in return. We all know the sun isn’t good for your skin however on the flip side it feels good when you have the glow! Your hands, chest and shoulders may also show the signs of summer.

Tips on how to deal with darker patches appearing on the skin:

Use a product with natural skin lighteners to brighten the pigmentation that has started to form.

Come and see us for a consultation about treatments for reducing the signs of sun damage. This can be an IPL treatment or skin peels.

Tips on how to deal with Dry and Dull skin:

When your skin has lost water no matter how much emollient based moisturisers you apply your skin won’t have that plump feel. Opt for a Hyaluronic based serum to hydrate the lower levels of skin and bring water to the surface. DQ Hydrating B5 is packed with antioxidants to protect your skin further as well as a healthy dose of HA and vitamins.

Don’t stick back the cells that want to come off. Use a light AHA cleanser to exfoliate the surface skin without harming the environment with plastic microbeads or causing your skin to become bright red and scratched by using nut based exfoliates. DQ glycolic cleanser is great to use a couple of times a week.

Tips on how to deal with fine lines:

For light ageing with finelines you can opt for a light skin peel or a light microneedling treatment to stimulate new collagen which has stopped being produced.

For mild ageing with finelines and wrinkles opt for a microneedling treatment to induce collagen and repair the surface of the skin. Consider Botox® for the treatment of deeper lines or static lines that stay indented after a movement has been made.

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