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    Can skin pigmentation be removed?

Skin pigmentation is the biological colour make-up of your skin, determined by genetics and sun exposure. The primary factor affecting the pigmentation of your skin is melanin and, if there’s a large volume of this substance in your body, this’ll darken your skin whereas small amounts makes your skin lighter.

Often, the pigmentation of your skin becomes damaged, affecting melanin production and possibly causing pigmentation disorder. Some can affect certain patches of skin – either large or small – whereas others affect the entire body, manifesting in patches, freckles and/or age spots. These can appear on your face, neck, lips, back, breasts, stomach, arms and legs and some people find these can greatly affect their body confidence!

Pigmentation on a hand

What causes skin pigmentation?

  • Hormonal imbalances and thyroid stress

Addison’s disease (a hormonal disorder) can cause patches of dark skin to populate over your body, whereas vitiligo causes light areas of skin to develop. Additionally, pregnancy can also cause your skin to go darker, if only temporarily – and this can often be an early sign of pregnancy!

  • Infections, blisters and burns

Scars from infection, blisters and burns can often manifest as areas of thick, discoloured skin.

  • Exposure to harmful UV rays

Prolonged periods of time soaking up the sun or lying on a sunbed may give you a well sought-after tan, however this is, more often than not, incredibly unhealthy and can cause the development of diseases like melanoma.

  • Stress and anxiety

Hormones released by stress and anxiety don’t just affect your mind and mood, but also your body. Your skin is one of your most sensitive organs and can go discoloured when you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, lightening it, reddening it or triggering disorders like rosacea.

Can skin pigmentation be removed?

Abnormal skin pigmentation can often go away on its own (especially when flared up during stress, anxiety, pregnancy, etc.) but it can also be treated with a range of therapies available at DestinationSkin clinic.

Microdermabrasion exfoliates your skin and is a great initial treatment when tackling your skin problems as it’s quick and displays instant refining results by removing dead skin cells for a smooth finish. Your skin is brightened and free of light scarring.

Microdermabrasion in action


Skin that is more heavily scarred or noticeably discoloured will suit the innovative Dermaroller and Electronic DermaStamp treatments as these regenerates your skin, giving a fuller look with a much-improved texture. It’s also beneficial to those with stretchmarks.

If you want to treat abnormal pigmentation without laser treatments, DestinationSkin also offer a range of skin peels suitable for different skin types. For example, the Dermaquest® Pumpkin Resurfacer is a great solution for acne-prone skin, the Epionce Lite Refresh does wonders for those who suffer from rosacea and the Obagi® Radiance Peel removes surface damage caused by pigmentation.