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How To Banish Body Acne

Ellie Taylor
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If having adult acne wasn’t bad enough, we are often faced with our spots moving south onto our body, setting up camp on our necks, back, chest and even our arms. Just like the spots on our face they can either be in concentrated areas or dotted around the body. The most frustrating thing about body acne is that it can effect both your wardrobe and your confidence to get your body out. From your beach wear in the summer, to avoiding that backless number you wanted to buy for a night out, it can be very disheartening. Luckily help is on hand at DestinationSkin to get rid of body acne and put you back in control of your own skin.


How do you know I have body acne?

Body acne can be pretty obvious and just like the spots that appear on your face, they are also on your body. If you have body acne you are most likely going to see them on your neck (by your hairline), upper back, upper chest, upper arms and shoulders and you can even get it if you don’t have acne on your face. This is because these areas on the body have more sebaceous glands, which produce the oil in your skin. Unfortunately these spots can be even bigger and more painful than the spots you find on your face because the sebaceous glands are more concentrated and are spread over a larger area.


What causes them?

The same way you get acne/spots on your face is the exactly the same way you get them on your body. The over production of oil known as sebum from the sebum glands along with bacteria and build-up of dead skin cells clog pores allowing the bacteria to multiply. Unfortunately the spots on your body can be even bigger and more painful than the spots you find on your face because the sebaceous glands are more concentrated and spread over a larger area. Another factor to throw into the equation is through hygiene and sweating. Although sweating isn’t a direct cause for body acne, it can aggravate spots too by clogging pores even more and allowing bacteria to breed. This can be an occurring problem for regular gym bunnies. It’s also common in the summer to get an increase in body acne, as the humidity can increase surface oils and restrict your skin from breathing.


How do I get rid of body acne?

Just like our treatments for facial acne, we are able to perform Acne Skin Peel treatments for all areas on the body. Our skin peels tailored for acne management, contain active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid (known as the acne buster) and are designed to control excessive oil production, un-block pores and reduce bacterial inflammation.

If your body acne is on the harsher side then you may need a stronger treatment such as Acne IPL to help rid the bacteria. This treatment is designed to heal acne spots by flooding the skin with oxygen & destroying acne causing bacteria clogging the pores. This treatment can be performed on the body and the face, with best results from a course of treatments.

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If you are suffering with extreme body acne then you may also be experiencing acne scarring. Acne scarring tends to come from more active acne where the tissue is damaged beneath and your body doesn’t produce enough collagen to support the healing of the scar. Our Dermaroller treatment is used to restore collagen by pricking thousands of microneedle columns into the skin to kick start collagen production. This shocks the skin to start pumping out more collagen and gives orders to send it back into the dermis allowing it repair itself naturally.

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Simple at-home tips to follow

Nothing could be easier than jumping into the shower each day to give your body acne a good clean (especially after a sweaty gym session) helping you to see a difference within weeks. Pairing your shower with a Salicylic Acid wash can help to…

  • Unclog pores
  • Neutralise acne causing bacteria
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase cell turnover for skin recovery

TIP: Pop it in the shower or in your gym bag to prevent acne after sweaty sessions.

Want to get rid of body acne for good? Book a free consultation with one of our clinic practitioners who will be able to assess your acne and recommend the best treatment for your skin!

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