• Answering Your Laser Questions!

    You sent in your top questions about laser hair removal, and we spoke to our experts to give you the best answers!

Wondering whether you’re suitable for laser? Not sure what the results will be like? Unsure how many courses you will need?… Wonder no longer! Our experts have answered all your top questions, and if you’re still unsure after reading this blog, why not pop into your nearest clinic for a FREE* consultation to talk face to face with one of our experienced medical team!

Laser FAQPlusMinus

Q: How old do I have to be to have treatment?
A: We only treat clients 18 years or older, this is because hormonal changes before this age may mean that your hair will still come back even after treatment.
Q: Can I have laser hair removal if I’m breastfeeding?
A: You can have laser hair removal whilst breastfeeding, the only area we don’t advise treatment on is around the nipple area, however all other body areas are fine to treat.
Q: Can I have laser hair removal if I have keloid scars?
A: It is recommended that if you have keloid scars, or a predisposition to keloid scarring, that you should not have laser hair removal treatment. Keloid scars are raised type of a scar that could be either red of purely white as a normal scar. This type of scar extends the original size of the wound, meaning that it expands the size of the injury. Those scars could get even worse if any treatments are performed on them such as laser treatment, microdermabrasion, skin peels etc. The only effective treatment is a steroid injection provided by a dermatologist to reduce the size of it.
Q: Does laser hair removal hurt?
A: Our Cynosure Elite+ lasers treat the area with a cooling jet of air to keep you feeling comfortable during your laser hair removal treatments. Our Diode lasers have a chilled applicator and we also use a cooling gel to keep discomfort to a minimum. We can apply a local anaesthetic to the area if needed; however, you will get an idea of how the treatment feels during the initial test patch. If you are used to waxing, laser hair removal is often described as less painful.
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