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A step-by-step guide to help you prepare for laser hair removal

Ellie Taylor
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Laser Hair Removal

Wondering how to prepare for laser hair removal, or interested in what’s involved in treatment? We’re talking all things prep, so you know what to expect and can be totally ready for your laser hair removal journey!

As you might have seen in our last post, the autumn and winter months are the perfect time to begin your laser hair removal journey. This is because you are less likely to have a tan from the summer months and any holidays you’ve been on, so our laser machines can more effectively treat you.

However, as you begin your treatments, you might be wondering “How do I prepare for laser hair removal? Do I need to shave my legs beforehand or should I grow my hair out?”, and lots more! But don’t fear, as we’re about to let you know what you can expect from your first session and how best to prepare for it.

What happens during my laser hair removal consultation?

Your laser hair removal journey begins with a free consultation to assess your hair and skin type. In your consultation, we will carry out a test patch in each of the areas you wish to have treated. We need to do a test patch so we can be absolutely sure we have the laser on the right setting to achieve the best results for you. A test patch also helps us check that your skin responds well to the laser.

The test patch involves targeting the laser a couple of times in each area, which will feel like a quick tingle. When the laser machine is on, cool air is also blown on the area to reduce any discomfort you may experience.

How should I prepare for my laser hair removal consultation?

The best way to prepare for a laser hair removal consultation is to come to the clinic with a few days worth of hair growth, so our practitioners can see the colour and thickness of your hair.

This helps them figure out which settings to have the laser hair removal machine set to, which ensures they are treating your hair correctly!

Before your practitioner carries out the test patch, they will shave the areas you wish to have treated, so the laser can target the hair follicle as best as possible.

24 hours after the test patch, voila – you are ready to begin your journey!

Preparing for laser hair removal treatment

Have you booked your appointment ? Hurrah – you’re on your way to super soft, hair free skin! All that we ask before you attend your sessions is that you shave the areas you wish to have treated.

This can include your face and the bikini area. It is important that the area you’re having treated is shaved as this allows the laser to target right down to the hair follicle without interruption from any existing hair, making it as effective as possible.

Please be aware: If you have recently had exposure to the sun, used fake tan or sun beds, you will not be able to have treatment. Laser hair removal shouldn’t be performed on anyone who has a tan, as it won’t work as effectively.

How should I look after my skin following laser hair removal?

Aftercare is a really important aspect of your laser hair removal journey, and one that we recommend and include within your overall laser hair removal package. This can include a range of products from Australian Bodycare such as deodorant, body lotion, body wash, and more, depending on which areas you are having treated.

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