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Under Eye Bags

30-90 minutes | A course of treatments
for best results

Under eye bags and wrinkles worsen with age and can be indicators of tiredness, stress and exacerbated through extrinsic factors, such as smoking and air pollution. They can also occur prematurely through inevitable, intrinsic elements which are genetically determined, like your collagen metabolism or your skin’s ability to repair damage.

Senescence is the name of the biological process that outlines the deterioration of skin cells as they age. The visible signs of senescence are often first seen in the eye area due to the thin, delicate nature of the skin surrounding the eye. Repeated facial expressions, like smiling and squinting, contract the muscles nearest to the eyes and this is usually one of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkling.

Aside from facial expressions, the other main causes of undereye wrinkles are loss of elasticity and depleted collagen levels ­– which are often accelerated by frequent sun damage, age, air pollution and smoking.

Genetics can play a role in the premature development of eye wrinkles, where having very thin lower eyelid skin as a genetic trait can increase your disposition to under eye bags also. Dark circles can also be experienced alongside under eye wrinkles and some extrinsic factors known to influence the formation of this can be: eye strain (such as looking at a screen for too long) and seasonal allergies. Focusing on a screen time for extended periods can dilate the blood vessels beneath the eye, which makes them more noticeable because of the thin epidermal characteristics of the lower eyelid. The congestion caused by hay fever, for example, also stretches the veins as the blocked airways and sinuses can contribute to poor circulation. This means the blood vessels have to work harder to keep transporting oxygen and blood around the body, which enlarges them and causes dark shadowing beneath the eyes to become more prominent.

Pollution plays an extrinsic role in the ageing process and is responsible for diminishing the skin’s natural glow, so highly polluted areas –like cities – have been associated with city-stressed skin and premature ageing. Particulate matter contributes highly to airborne pollution, and can be made up of inorganic and organic particles, like dust, soot, smoke and pollen. When these things are absorbed into the skin this can provoke free radical imbalances which is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to cell and tissue damage, resulting in a wrinkled under eye and an overall aged complexion.

Smoking is another cause of under eye wrinkling and is generally known to sap the nutrients from your complexion. Nicotine, and other chemicals found in cigarettes, causes the blood vessels to narrow which reduces oxygen flow which contributes massively to a dullened appearance. There has been other research showing a direct correlation between tobacco smoke and the degradation of connective tissue, such as collagen and elastic fibres.

  • Crow’s feet
  • Deep creases and fine lines under the eye
  • Crinkling of the skin – especially around the tear duct
  • Sagging and sunken eyes
  • Increased puffiness under the eye
  • Prominent dark circles

To target aged and tired under eyes, we have a range of injectable and rejuvenating treatments. They are:

Anti-wrinkle injections Botox® injections are one type of anti-ageing treatment that lets you be in control of how you age. This is one of our most convenient and affordable treatments to significantly soften the appearance of crow’s feet for completely refreshed eyes. Botox® is made of a purified botulinum protein, which when administered into the active muscles beneath the unwanted wrinkles, works to temporarily block muscle receptors that release the chemical acetylcholine. Acetylcholine triggers muscle movement and, as wrinkles are formed through expression, the Botox® works to inhibit activity and relax overactive muscles, which makes any prominent, obvious eye lines become softer.

Tear trough fillers A type of dermal filler treatment that seamlessly fills the deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, known as the tear trough. This area is often prone to dark shadowing and age-induced depletion, where it becomes sunken and depressed due to loss of collagen and volume. The filler we used is called Teosyal® and is the ultimate treatment for dark circles and under eye wrinkles that instantly revitalises your eyes. Teosyal® is a unique hyaluronic acid-based skin enhancer that restores skin density and maintains skin glow – and has results that can be seen for up to 18 months.

HydraFacial This is a next-level facial that not only targets the eye area, but rejuvenates your whole complexion. Each HydraFacial follows six patented steps that all work together to achieve better skin health, improve tissue quality, hydrate and stimulate the skin for brighter and refined results. This treatment can also be used alongside tear trough or anti-wrinkle injections for an elevated result. Go Platinum with your HydraFacial too and add anti-ageing serums and boosters developed by renown skincare brands, like ZO Health®, Circardia® and Obagi®.

Skin peels Skin peels are another advanced facial treatment that encourages the cellular renewal of the epidermis by using a powerful blend of natural ingredients and botanical extracts. Medik8 peels are especially recommended as they have created the Eye Reveal peel which is an ultra-gentle peel to target the signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.

HydraFacials and skin peels are the perfect treatments for someone looking to rejuvenate their eyes non-invasively.

You can delay the worsening of eye wrinkles by taking preventative action and committing to a consistent skincare regime and healthy lifestyle.

The first thing to do to avoid eye wrinkles is to always apply SPF to your skin to protect it against external aggressors, like UV radiation and air pollution. Heavy smoking and alcohol consumption are also detrimental lifestyle factors that contribute to an older eye area and should be avoided to ensure you do not facilitate the acceleration of dermal metabolism processes.

Certain skincare products – like peptides, retinol, collagen, vitamin C, glycolic, hyaluronic and lactic acids – all have significant anti-ageing properties and using them alongside jade rollers, or a gua sha stone, can help to massage, firm and improve lymphatic drainage. Enhance its effects by placing them in the fridge before use as this can help to soothe dilated blood vessels that contribute to dark or puffy eyes.

Some research suggests that a high antioxidant, vitamin diet can also play a role in combating the signs of ageing. Foods rich in vitamin K, like cucumber, blueberries, green leafy vegetables – like kale, spinach and broccoli – show some efficacy in stimulating blood circulation which can lessen the appearance of dark circles.

For moderate concerns, weekly (or monthly) professional treatments are advised to maintain strong skin health. We recommend regular treatments that flood the skin with essential, anti-ageing nutrients – like microdermabrasion, HydraFacials, EDS Revitalise and skin peels – that all work to keep your collagen and elastin levels in check to prevent the developing of crow’s feet, bags, furrows and folds.

30-90 minutes

A course of treatments for best results

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Frequently Asked Questions

It certainly can however we do need to determine why the puffiness is appearing. Treatments and products at destination skin can help manage the puffiness.

Tea bags that have cooled create a temporary draining ability which will leave the eyes feeling refreshed. The caffine within the tea bags stimulate blood flow to the area removing the toxins which can build up however this is very temporary and sometimes works and at other times wont.

Surgery is considered a last resort. It often leaves scarring which is sometimes un-necessary and the same results can be achieved by non-invasive treatments.

The treatments we perform are relatively pain free. If you are using products to address your concerns these feel lovely to apply. If it’s an injectable or EDS treatment which you have been advised to have we apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the area before the treatment is performed.

It depends on the treatment that has been recommended however most of our injectable treatments require 1-2 sessions followed by maintenance between 3-18 months apart.

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