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Thin Lips

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While some people may have naturally thin lips – ones passed on through genetics – others may experience the gradual loss of volume and lip thinning which appears as a result of depleted collagen levels caused by age or prolonged sun exposure.

The main cause of thin lips is usually genetically determined. Our biological makeup plays a large role in lip size, meaning a less prominent, or undefined lip, is often a familial trait. However, lip size can also be impacted, and altered, by other factors – such as age and skin damage.

Collagen levels gradually diminish as the body undergoes cellular deterioration, known as senescence, which occurs as the body ages. Sun exposure and smoking can also physically damage the skin and directly deplete collagen and elastin production which exacerbates the appearance of the lips and causes them to become thinner than before.

  • Lips that lack volume and shape
  • Undefined Cupid’s bow and overall lip silhouette
  • Noticeably asymmetrical lips
  • Lip wrinkling and the development of ‘smoker’s lines’
  • Dull, dehydrated lips (as a result of sun exposure and smoking)

Lip filler Our most effective, fast-acting treatment. Our lip filler is a type of dermal filler that has multiple benefits in correcting a wide range of lip-related issues. Lip fillers can reverse age-induced loss of volume, smooth mouth wrinkles, rebalance uneven, thinning lips and subtlety – or significantly – enhance your shape and size for your ideal, redefined complexion. The fillers we use are from Juvéderm®’s Ultra Smile range which is their collection of biocompatible, hyaluronic acid fillers that have seamless, impeccable and natural-looking results. This filler is perfect as it effortlessly plumps, hydrates and volumizes from within to produce instant results. With dermal fillers, you can usually expect to see 80% of the result there and then, with the next 20% developing over the following days. These fillers also contain lidocaine, which is a type of aesthetic to ensure the treatment will be minimally uncomfortable.

To prevent the loss of existing lip volume, the best things to do are wear SPF daily and to avoid smoking. As UV damage and smoking are two of the biggest contributors to premature ageing, avoiding unprotected, over-exposure to sunlight and heavy smoking may help to delay the early declination of collagen production.

There are some other ways to make thin lips look bigger and these can be achieved through temporary, at-home methods.

Makeup is one of the easiest ways to disguise thin lips and when done the right way, no one will ever know! Over-lining the lips with a lip liner is the perfect way to create the illusion of a fuller lip and choosing shades that match your lip colour is essential. The best lip colours for over-lining are light pinks, nudes, rose, champagne and corals as these colours do not attract too much attention to the lip area. Darker colours, like crimsons, plums and blacks, can also be used but can look less natural and may attract more attention to the lips – so be sure of your ability and technique to maximise authenticity.

Glossy lip plumpers are another way to boost volume to the lips. This is a popular, easy choice for subtle improvements and work by causing the blood to rush to the skin’s surface, which temporarily gives the impression of a larger lip. Lip plumpers contain mild irritants, like methanol, which when applied causes a tingling feeling across the lips and creates a very minor inflammation that essentially swells the lips.

Massage and physical exfoliation on the lips can also work to improve circulation and stimulate the blood vessels. Gently pinching, stretching and massaging can help achieve a short-term plumping effect and physically exfoliating the lips with a dry toothbrush has also shown some efficacy in producing a slightly enlarged lip too.

30-90 minutes

A course of treatments for best results

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