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Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a type of epidermal scar that develops when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly. They often have a streaky, narrow appearance and form into clustered, vertical bands across the skin. While they often fade over time, they can appear silvery in colour or darker than the surrounding skin.

The main cause of stretch marks is due to sudden growth or rapid weight gain (or weight loss) that causes collagen and elastin fibres to rapture. As the skin heals imperfectly, the marks remaining are known as stretch marks.

Stretch marks often occur alongside other hormonal changes like pregnancy and puberty, which causes sudden growth spurts. High levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can also influence your likelihood of developing stretch marks. Cortisol has many visible effects on the skin, but can cause epidermal reactions by weakening the elasticity of fibroblast cells. A family history of stretch marking can increase your likelihood of developing them too as your skin’s structure and flexibility is determined genetically.

  • Narrow lines and streaks across the skin
  • Can look pink, red, dark brown and black – even silvery
  • Dark marks that fade over time
  • Early signs can be itchy and slightly raised skin
  • Can range in length and width
  • Commonly appears on the torso, upper and lower limbs

Skin resurfacing treatments are one way to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and after each treatment you can expect your stretch mark to gradually fade in visibility.

Laser and IPL skin rejuvenation – Light technologies work wonders to resurface the skin and skin rejuvenation is achieved by artificially encouraging skin cell renewal. As collagen plays a large role in healing the skin, light and laser technology are able to activate collagen production to promote the release of new fibres that help to smooth any indentations made by stretch marks and gradually cover the damaged skin tissue. This is the ideal treatment for moderate to severe stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion A professional exfoliating treatment that gently reveals a newer epidermis. This treatment uses micro-crystals, sized between 0.06-0.45mm, that have significant powers in shredding dead and damaged skin to leave you with softer and smoother skin from the first session. Microdermabrasion has some effectiveness in improving mild stretch marks and can be used on its own to boost skin quality, or combined with a more advanced treatment, to help elevate the final results.

EDS Revitalise ­– A form of microneedling that can treat the face and body. EDS Revitalise stands out from other microneedling treatments as it emits a concentrated hyaluronic acid solution that can penetrate deeply into the skin (which is perfect for new, red stretch marks), and works from within to accelerate the healing process. All our microneedling treatments use genuine DermaRoller® devices, which is the original brand founded in 1999 that has been specialising in creating the best collagen-induction tools ever since.

Skincare products can help to prevent stretch marks from developing and the most effective way to prevent stretch marks is through early treatments and application of scar creams.

Moisturising is ineffective on mature stretch marks so if you have lasting, prominent stretch marks a professional route is recommended – such as regular microdermabrasion or skin rejuvenation sessions.

Some skincare products to look for are retinoids and hyaluronic acid which have massive benefits in hydrating and smoothing stretch-marked skin. Although, it is advised to avoid any vitamin-C products (such as retinol) if you’re pregnant as the effects of active skincare ingredients on the baby may be harmful.

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1-6 courses (depending on area)

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