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Redness and Rosacea

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Redness and rosacea are two conditions that cause the skin to look persistently flushed. While both can be easily reversed with our complexion-correcting treatments, rosacea is a chronic condition that often appears in cycles, whereas redness is usually temporary. Knowing the differences, the causes, symptoms and treatments to reduce facial redness can help you become ready to face anything.

Redness on its own can be caused by many things and may be a sign that you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to food, cosmetics, medication or washing powder. Redness occurs when there is a sudden rush of blood to the skin’s surface and this is the body’s response to fight, and cope with, irritants. To find the cause of redness, the first thing to do is assess what is different in your lifestyle that may have triggered this. If you think nothing has changed, your redness may be a result of intense exercise, high alcohol consumption, emotion, stress or a symptom of pregnancy/menopause.

The cause of rosacea still remains ambiguous and it is not completely understood why some people are more prone to the symptoms it produces. It is agreed, however, that rosacea can appear cyclically and is worsened by internal and external triggers. Some of these triggers that cause rosacea are sun exposure, spicy foods, alcohol, stress, harsh skincare products and temperature fluctuations.

During your consultation, our dermatological experts will help you get to the bottom of your redness and provide you with all the information surrounding treatments that will make the biggest impact to you.

The symptoms of redness are:

  • Visible redness on the face that can spread to the neck
  • The face feels hot and warm to the touch
  • Skin can become blotchy and uneven
  • A rash can appear alongside it

The early symptoms of rosacea are:

  • Itchy/tight skin
  • Regular flushing of the face that comes and goes
  • Increased skin sensitivity when in water or using skincare products
  • Adverse reactions when exposed to the sun
  • Frequent eye infections

As the condition develops, the following symptoms can occur:

  • Broken/dilated blood vessels appear on the skin and do not go away
  • Your face takes on a permanently red disposition
  • Dry, sore eyes and lip problems
  • Swelling and thickening of the nose
  • Developing pus-filled spots (called ‘acne rosacea’)

For mild redness, skin rejuvenation is one treatment path we recommend. These can be simple, but powerful, treatments like:

Chemical peels These are facial peels, that do not actually contain chemicals, but are named after the blend of natural acids, enzymes and botanical extracts they are formulated of. Skin peels are an advanced facial that can be used to correct any pigmentation issues. For easily reddened and sensitive skin, we recommend Epionce’s Lite Refresh Peel that contains malic and salicylic acid, an essential combination of ingredients to promote cell turnover and fade any redness. Medik8’s skin peels, Sensitive PHA and Even, are also effective complexion-correcting peels that contain polyhydroxy (PHA) acids. These peels mean even the most sensitive, easily reddened skin can be treated and restored to a glowing, balanced appearance.

HydraFacials Using six steps, every HydraFacial leaves your skin in a better, healthier condition. There are many HydraFacials available to calm, brighten and redefine your complexion. For redness specifically, we recommend taking your facial to the next level with our HydraFacial Platinum range that includes advanced steps and clinically-proven serums developed by leading medical skincare brands. Add ZO® Health’s Rozatrol® booster that can decrease the signs of redness and distressed blood vessels. Or Circadia’s ProTec Plus that contains innovative ingredients like Brightenyl®and AcquaCell™ that works to optimise your skin’s complexion whilst deeply moisturising.

For moderate to severe redness and rosacea, we recommend:

Facial vein removal – Dilated, burst blood vessels is one symptom of rosacea that cannot be easily diminished naturally, so we offer thread vein removal to target prominent veins directly. Using light-based IPL treatment (for smaller, finer veins) or advanced electrolysis (for larger veins) we can dissolve visible, unwanted blood vessels quickly for a beautifully smooth and re-established appearance.

Laser and IPL Rejuvenation – Laser and IPL are light technologies that have immense powers in reversing persistent redness and rosacea. These treatments can target broad areas and work to artificially trigger collagen production that plays a large role in healing damaged skin. By increasing cell turnover, we can achieve transformational rejuvenations that work to re-absorb visible blood vessels and fade facial veins.

The best way to prevent redness is to know your triggers and skin type. If you have sensitive skin, avoiding harsh cosmetics in favour of light, mineral-based, unscented moisturisers and makeup can help prevent any flares.

As certain foods and drinks are known to dilate the veins, it is best to avoid (or limit your consumption) of them. Some triggers are spicy foods and alcohol. Spicy food contains an active compound, called capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers and cayenne pepper. When consumed it causes a mild irritant effect on the skin which stimulates the body’s pain receptors and produces a warming sensation. Those with rosacea and redness are often very receptive to heat fluctuations, so this can cause an abnormally redder reaction compared to someone else.

Alcohol also flushes the face as it causes the blood vessels to become larger than usual. Becoming red after drinking may be a sign of alcohol intolerance and may be an indication that you struggle to break down acetaldehyde which is a substance present in alcohol. When too much acetaldehyde is not broken down, it accumulates and induces an inflammatory response which presents itself in a reddened appearance.

Another way to prevent redness is by wearing SPF daily and covering your face in cold weather with a scarf or snood. Strong winds and high UV levels can both cause a burnt, red effect and can exacerbate any preposition to redness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rosacea usually appears in cycles, where it can disappear completely for a while and then return. There is currently no cure, but we can help you control and manage the symptoms and prevent further damage to the skin with a range of different products and treatments.

We recommend IPL treatments and Skin Peels to help you manage and significantly reduce the appearance of your rosacea. It is also useful to have a good homecare regime for your skin which will help you feel more in control during your flare ups. We recommend using products by Epionce, such as their Intensive Nourishing Cream, Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Lytic Gel Cleanser or Medical Barrier cream. If you also incorporate Vitamins BD, C and E into your regime, it will help you manage your rosacea.

As Rosacea is a reoccurring condition, you will need to treat it indefinitely. We recommend an ongoing use of products (such as Epionce) as well as regular treatments in the clinic usually every week, or every two weeks.

Once we have your condition established and have made the first, primary improvements, treatments can then be spaced further and further apart.

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