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In winter months, it’s easy to hide away our legs in layers. We can forget those insecurities about our legs being a little less toned or those little veins that won’t go away. But as the weather starts to get warmer, we can no longer hide. We shouldn’t have to. Suffering from varicose veins, thread or spider veins needn’t be a problem anymore with so many great treatments now available. So, now’s the time to get your confidence back and banish your vein woes for good.

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What are thread, spider and varicose veins?PlusMinus

Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins which often protrude beyond the skins surface and can be dark blue, red or skin-coloured in appearance. Thread veins (or spider veins as they are also called) are like varicose veins but are much smaller and as such require different treatment. Spider veins are veins that branch off others and appear to have a spider-like appearance.

What causes thread veins?PlusMinus

Thread (or spider) veins tend to develop as we age. They appear when our skin and blood vessels lose elasticity. Hormonal changes, due to pregnancy or the menopause for example, can lead to thread veins, as well as high pressure can also cause these to form. Standing for prolonged amounts of time and frequent flying can also lead to these.

Lifestyle choices can also be an influential factor. For example, too much exposure to the sun, wind or extreme temperatures can cause spider veins to develop. Unfortunately, thanks to your genes, you can even inherit your family’s susceptibility to these little veins.

What do thread veins look like?PlusMinus

  • Thread veins are the red capillaries and blood vessels that are visible as small red veins. They’re often found around the nose, legs and feet.

  • Thread veins are the red capillaries and blood vessels that are visible as small red veins. They’re often found around the nose, legs and feet.

  • Thread veins are the red capillaries and blood vessels that are visible as small red veins. They’re often found around the nose, legs and feet.

Tips for dealing with thread veinsPlusMinus

There are several changes you can make to help prevent varicose veins from forming or becoming worse:

  • Try to avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. Make sure you take breaks during the day and try to walk more if you have an office job. Likewise, if you have a really active day, remember to rest.
  • Try to avoid crossing your legs.
  • Take part in regular physical activities to help your blood move through your veins.
  • Wear compression hosiery when flying
  • Seek professional advice from one of our DestinationSkin expert practitioners.


Q: What is sclerotherapy?
A: Sclerotherapy is a treatment where the medical injector will inject the veins with a solution called a fibrovein. The fibrovein acts to cause slight irritation to the inner lining of the vessels injected, this irritation causes the walls to become sticky and when compressed is applied the vessel walls stick together and collapse. Once all the vessels collapsed, the body can no longer use them and absorbs them back into the system.  As this absorption is a natural process it can take a number of months before the vessels fully disappear.

Q: Which treatment is best for me?
A: At DestinationSkin, we know that everyone’s skin concerns are individual, and therefore your treatment plan will be bespoke to you. Our treatment recommendation will be dependent on the severity of your thread veins, any medical history and your own preferences. In our free skin consultations, our expert practitioners and medical injectors will discuss each treatment option thoroughly with you, so that you can make the best decision for you.

Q: Do I have to have treatment in Winter months? When is the best time to have it done?
A: Depending on your treatment pathway we can plan the right time for you to have your treatment. We advise you not to have the treatment too close to any events whereby the area will be exposed however these treatments can be performed in all the months of the year.

Q: Does it cause any bruising or pigmentation?
A: With Sclerotherapy, immediately after the treatment you will see mild redness and perhaps a bruise on the treated area, you will then notice a gradual improvement in the treated area. It can take a few weeks before you see results as the vessels need to dissolve. Advanced Electrolysis may present mild redness or swelling immediately following treatment, however your skin will return to normal the following day.

Q: How many appointments roughly for two large facial areas of IPL vein treatment?
A: We have 3 different methods of treating red veins on the face. They can all be charged by time and prices start from £60 for a 15 minute treatment.

Q: How long before you can wear foundation on your face?
A: We can apply mineral based foundation immediately after treatment which you may also purchase and you can then use the make up throughout the next few days..

Q: How much downtime is there after treatments?
A: Some people have very little down time, but some will need up to 2 weeks.

Q: Are laser vein removal treatments safe?
A: Yes. We will always do a thorough consultation and test patch and make sure that this is the best treatment for you before we do anything. Your safety is our number one priority.

Q: How do I know if I’m suitable for IPL vein removal?
A:  We offer a free consultation, where out practitioner will assess your skin and come up with a treatment plan that is catered for you.

Q: What does IPL vein removal treatment feel like?
A: It feels like the flicking of an elastic band on the skin.

Q: How quickly will I notice results?
A: You would generally see results after your first treatments but will need to complete a course of treatments to see the full result.

Q: How much downtime is there after laser vein removal treatment?
A: The healthier your skin, the quicker it can heal. Usually the results can be seen a couple of weeks after treatment. However, as we are heating the blood vessel, darkening of the vessel isn’t uncommon and often the veins can look more pronounced until the skin has broken the vessels down. Do avoid sun exposure on the treated area.

Q: How do I know if I’m suitable for laser vein removal?
A: We’ll take you through a complete health review to check for your suitability.

Q: Is laser vein removal treatment safe?
A: We pride ourselves on having highly skilled, experienced practitioners who carry out this treatment. The machine that we use is an FDA approved device for the treatment of thread veins,

Q: Does Laser Vein Removal treatment hurt?
A: A cooling gel is applied before the treatment and cold air is used whilst the treatment is taking place. The treatment feels like a small flick of an elastic band.

Recommended skincare productsPlusMinus

Vitamin C Products such as SkinCeuticals® C E Ferulic, sigvaris stockings (provided in clinic for sclerotherapy) and SkinCeuticals® redness neutraliser.

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Treatments - How can we help with thread veins?PlusMinus

Laser and IPL

We can perform highly effective laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) vein removal treatments. They both dramatically reduce the appearance of your veins. Laser is used to treat the veins on the legs and face and IPL is used to treat the veins on the upper body.

Advanced Electrolysis

We can also provide Advanced Electrolysis, which treats the vein with a tiny current of electricity to cauterise the area.


Sclerotherapy is another alternative. It’s when we inject the veins with a solution called fibrovein. It collapses the veins before the body naturally flushes them away. The results are usually immediate and one treatment is often enough to achieve a highly satisfying result, however more sessions may be needed for larger areas of vessels.

Pricing for Thread Vein TreatmentsPlusMinus

Course of 3 treatmentsCourse of 6 treatmentsSingle treatment
I.P.L Vein Removal 15 Mins£216
Save £54
Save £135
I.P.L Vein Removal 30 Mins£360
Save £90
Save £210
Laser Vein Removal 15 Mins£360
Save £90
Save £225
Laser Vein Removal 30 Mins£540
Save £135
Save £337
Sclerotherapy treatment*from £400from £970-
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