• Milia (white spots) present on cheeks and under eyes


    Milia, also known as ‘milk spots’, are harmless cysts found around the eye area and are commonly mistaken for whiteheads or spots

    They occur as a result of trapped oils/minerals in the skin that create small, spot-like cysts just below the skin’s surface

    Milia spots can be very frustrating for the sufferer and can impact your self-confidence. So if you’ve had enough, then we at DestinationSkin can help

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Milia can occur spontaneously, at any age and affect both men and women. It usually occurs due to a lack of exfoliation and cleansing during skincare regimes, resulting in a build-up of excess oil and which develops into Milia. Many people attempt to remove Milia themselves, using pins and needles, which increases the risk of scarring and infection. Instead, come and leave it to us, we use Advanced Electrolysis to quickly, safely and expertly remove any pesky Milia spots.

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What causes Milia?PlusMinus

Milia is simply caused by excess oil trapped in the skin, causing small cysts to appear. Unlike many other skin conditions, Milia isn’t related to diet, lifestyle habits or health issues. Milia can often be triggered by the overuse of products that have high oil contents, like some make-up removers, oily micellar waters or cleansing wipes. The general overusing of any oily, heavy products (whether it’s aftershave, make-up wipes, moisturizers) will create layers of trapped oil beneath the surface, causing in frequent outbreaks of Milia.

What does Milia look like?PlusMinus

Tips for dealing with MiliaPlusMinus

As Milia is worsened by the use of products with high oil content, we recommend you avoiding using them as much as you can and switch to mineral-based products. As Milia isn’t caused by diet or health habits, improving your skincare regime will help minimise further risks of Milia clusters. We recommend following these good lifestyle habits:

  • Always incorporate exfoliating and cleansing products in your skincare regime
  • Avoid cleansing wipes
  • Ensure any items that come into contact with your face are cleaned regularly (e.g flannels, towels, pillowcases, make-up brushes)
  • Seek professional advice for removal

How can I get rid of my Milia?PlusMinus

To treat Milia clusters, we usually use Advanced Electrolysis which is a method stemmed from Laser Removal. The device we use emits a very fine needle to pierce the Milia spot and by sending an electrical current through the needle and to the skin’s surface, it releases any trapped oil and dissolves the unwanted Milia spot. The treatment itself may feel like a hot pinprick and may feel a bit sensitive around the eye area. Yet, discomfort levels range from people to people, with some clients feeling nothing at all, to some noticing the small pricking sensation.

This treatment is a very quick procedure, with each Milia spot gone in a matter of seconds. By using Advanced Electrolysis, we target the source of Milia instantly and by releasing any excess oil found, your Milia shouldn’t return.

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Q: What treatment can be done to remove Milia?
A: Our preferred method is Advanced Electrolysis as it is the most effective with minimal risk of scarring or infection. This treatment works by using a small, sterile needle the size of a hair follicle, to puncture the Milia spot and an electrical current is sent through the probe. The heat from the current will dissolve the trapped oil/minerals found, leaving a very small entry hole. You may have heard of other methods, like the Lance Method, however we prefer to use Advanced Electrolysis as minuses the amount of risk, infection and damaged caused to the skin cells.

Q: Is Advanced Electrolysis treatment dangerous and does it hurt?
A: Advanced Electrolysis is a tried and tested method which is highly reputable. The treatment itself is not dangerous as we only use the highest quality equipment and ensure the professionalism of all our clinicians who are trained to a rigorous medical standard. The treatment itself feels like a hot pinprick, so depending on your pain tolerance, you may feel a little bit of discomfort. If you do experience any pain it will only be for a matter of seconds as treating Milia only takes a matter of seconds!

Q: Will my results be permanent?
A: Every condition of Milia is different, so depending on your skin it can vary. During your consultation you and your practitioner will discuss how many treatments may be necessary to complete remove you Milia. Usually it may take between 1-3 sessions to target every spot of Milia, although it is definitely worth it as once your course is complete, your Milia shouldn’t return!

As mentioned earlier, some products can irate and trigger an outbreak of Milia, so avoid using any high oil content products and you can always speak to one of our practitioners to learn how to prevent further Milia outbreaks!

Recommended skincare products for MiliaPlusMinus

You should always use a broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from any UV damage each day and also considering using oil-free products to lessen the chance of Milia flares.

If you wear make-up, we recommend always using a primer before full make-up application, which will prevent the build-up of excess oils on your skin’s surface and therefore help prevent further Milia spots from occurring.

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Pricing for Milia RemovalPlusMinus

TREATMENTSingle treatment

Course of 3 treatments

A quick and highly effective treatment to treat a variety of minor skin ailments including skin tags, milia (milk spots), cherry spots and veins.

Advanced laser therapy stimulates collagen within your skin, leaving you with a fresher, younger looking complexion.
MICRO-NEEDLING (Genuine Dermaroller and Electronic Dermastamp)

A highly effective treatment using a small handheld device that stimulates collagen and your body's own natural response to regenerating cells in a targeted area. Great for stretch marks, scarring and post-trauma pigmentation/skin blemishes.

A quick non-invasive exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells to remove skin imperfections and improve skin texture.

Skin resurfacers & chemical skin peels, offer a highly effective solution to tackling skin concerns on the body. Using active ingredients to help calm inflammation, control bacteria and clear surface oil, leaving you with clear blemish free skin.
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