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    Under Eye Bags

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Sometimes when we get tired, or we’ve had a late night, our eyes get puffy and we develop dark circles underneath. However, as we age you may notice that your eyes look tired daily and you may develop under eye bags and wrinkles around the corners. This is one of the first signs of ageing that many people wish to combat. Many of us will reach for the cucumber rounds, that ‘miracle eye cream’ or book in for a facial at a local spa to refresh our eyes. But did you know there are more treatments out there that can help reduce those under eye bags and prevent eye puffiness, with longer-lasting results?

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What causes eye bags?PlusMinus

Under eye bags, as they are known, are caused through a decrease in the amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin around your eyes. With age, your upper and lower eyelids – made up of skin, muscle and fat – weaken and become less able to support the skin as tightly as they used to be. Your collagen also degrades and therefore elasticity is lost, leaving the skin to sag. Your eyes have a thinner epidermis and dermis (skin layer) compared to other facial skin. There are also fewer sebaceous glands in the eye areas, so they dehydrate more easily. Combined with the fact that you make as many as 10,000 coordinated eye movements per hour, your eyes can show signs of tiredness quickly.

What do eye bags look like?PlusMinus

Tips for dealing with under eye concernsPlusMinus

  • Use a clinically-proven eye cream such as Obagi ELASTIderm®. Which contains malonic acid which creates new elastin fibres within the skin.
  • You can opt for a lymphatic drainage massage, whereby a gentle pressure is used to move fluid away from your eye.
  • A good skincare regime can help improve elasticity and encourage collagen rejuvenation.
  • Seek professional advice on treatments available for longer-lasting effects at Destinationskin.

Our resultsPlusMinus

  • Tear trough, after 1 treatment of Teosyal Redensity II

    One side treated
    One side treated
  • Before
  • Tear trough, after 1 treatment of Teosyal Redensity II


Recommended products for under eye concernsPlusMinus

Our expert practitioners will recommend the best skincare regime for your skin’s condition. For the eye area, we have great products such as Obagi ELASTIderm®, DermaQuest’s SkinBrite Eye Cream or DermaQuest’s Peptide Eye Firming Cream (available in clinic only).

Treatments - How can we help with under eye bags?PlusMinus

For concerns of loss of volume under the eye area, we often recommend our tear trough treatment. This is an injectable treatment using our trusted and genuine Juvederm® products, The product, chosen by your medical injector, is placed just beneath the skin’s surface under your eyes. It contains Hyaluronic Acid with supports layers of the which have been reduced. The skin’s volume becomes increased.

We will also recommend the best eye creams and serums to help improve your skin’s elasticity around the eyes.

How much do eye bag treatments cost?PlusMinus

Treatment Price
Teosyal® Dark Circles under the Eyes

A highly effective treatment to improve and remove the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.
From £475


Q: Can puffiness under eyes be reduced?
A: It certainly can however we do need to determine why the puffiness is appearing. Treatments and products at destination skin can help manage the puffiness.

Q: Someone told me that tea bags are effective in reducing the puffiness under eyes. Is that true, and why?
A: Tea bags that have cooled create a temporary draining ability which will leave the eyes feeling refreshed. The caffine within the tea bags stimulate blood flow to the area removing the toxins which can build up however this is very temporary and sometimes works and at other times wont.

Q: Are there any alternatives, I have heard about surgery to remove eye bags, is this better?
A: Surgery is considered a last resort. It often leaves scarring which is sometimes un-necessary and the same results can be achieved by non-invasive treatments.

Q: Will the treatment hurt?
A: The treatments we perform are relatively pain free. If you are using products to address your concerns these feel lovely to apply. If it’s an injectable or EDS treatment which you have been advised to have we apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the area before the treatment is performed.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: It depends on the treatment that has been recommended however most of our injectable treatments require 1-2 sessions followed by maintenance between 3-18 months apart.

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Last edited: 21/12/2018