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Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet describe the branching wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes. The name is inspired by the resemblance the wrinkles have, to the marks made from a crow’s footprint and can develop gradually, and worsen, throughout the years.

The skin around the eyes is significantly thinner than other parts of the body, and due to the delicate nature of this area, the signs of ageing are often first seen here. Crow’s feet are one of the many types of facial wrinkles and the premature development of them, and their depth, can be passed on through genetics and exacerbated by sun damage, air pollution, smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.

There are two types of wrinkles and crow’s feet can be both. Dynamic wrinkles are the first type of wrinkle and these are temporarily made during muscle contraction, which occurs throughout most facial expressions, and then smoothen once the muscle is no longer being used. Static wrinkles, the second type of wrinkles, are identified as lines that do not disappear once the muscles are relaxed or when the face is at rest. Generally, dynamic lines eventually form into static lines.

Crow’s feet, therefore, are usually dynamic lines that form when we smile, squint or laugh. They usually cause more of an issue when they undergo a change in temporality, where the once dynamic lines then become more permanent static wrinkles.

  • Branching lines that stem from the corner of the outer eye that can vary in length
  • Thin, drooping eyelid skin
  • Loss of volume and elasticity around the eyes and top of cheeks
  • Crepey skin

To diminish crow’s feet, we offer the following treatments which vary in method. These are:

Anti-ageing injectables Botox® is a highly effective injectable treatment that instantly smoothes dynamic and static wrinkles. It is made of a clinically-proven, FDA approved, botulinum toxin protein that temporarily blocks the chemical release of acetylcholine and relaxes overactive muscles that worsen crow’s feet. This is an affordable, extremely accessible treatment that takes as little as ten minutes to perform by one of our qualified medical injectors.

Tear trough fillers To establish firmer, brighter eyes. Tear trough fillers are a type of dermal filler that work mainly to resolve the loss of volume experienced alongside ageing. Whilst it does naturally smooth crow’s feet, it is specifically used to plump sunken, depleted eyes when injected into the lower eyelid and top of the cheek (known as the tear trough). This is another injectable treatment that will only be performed by one of our medical injectors, who are all members of either the General Medical Council, or the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

EDS Revitalise – A skin rejuvenating treatment that is a form of microneedling. This treatment uses genuine DermaRoller® devices, fitted with ultra-fine, atraumatic needles that rapidly trigger collagen production by activating the skin’s natural healing response. EDS Revitalise stands out from other microneedling treatments as it also emits a concentrated hyaluronic acid solution whilst creating tiny entry holes in the skin. This ensures it will be absorbed into the deepest layers of skin and begin plumping, smoothing and hydrating from within immediately. This treatment is ideal for crow’s feet as the eDermaStamp® used can target small, delicate parts of the face thanks to its innovative cone-shaped needle technology that doesn’t drag or lastingly hurt the epidermis.

Collagen boosting – A non-invasive treatment that uses light and laser technology to visibly renew, not only the eye area, but your whole complexion for restored vitality. Collagen boosting works by causing cellular reactions in the connective tissue to kickstart the dermal processes responsible for keeping the skin youthful. Both the laser and light technologies work to encourage the growth of new collagen and elastin proteins, but also causes the fibroblast cells to release additional ones also.

Skin peels an advanced facial that uses a skin-nourishing blend of anti-ageing ingredients to improve crow’s feet and brighten the eye area. The best skin peel for the eye would be Medik8’s Eye Reveal which works to reveal a younger-looking skin from the first session. This treatment is ultra-gentle ­– suitable to target the delicate under eyes – whilst being powerful enough to make visible impacts seamlessly.

Preventing crow’s feet cannot be entirely avoided as the biggest cause of them is through repeated facial expressions. Facial expressions are spontaneous, so trying to prevent this would be unnatural.

But, there are some things that can help improve their visibility, these things are: avoiding smoking – as smoking is known to prematurely wrinkle the skin – excessive alcohol consumption and protecting your skin daily using SPF. The importance of SPF is now being heralded in most skincare regimes and is fundamental to maintain collagen and elastin levels. UV damage is the biggest contributor to skin cell death and accelerates premature ageing on both an epidermal and dermal level, so using SPF daily is always recommended.

Air pollution also depletes the skin of its natural, healthy complexion and strips it of essential nutrients that keep the skin barrier functioning to its best ability. Long term exposure to dust, soot, exhaust fumes and pollen, can cause oxidative stress which causes free radicals to become imbalanced and damage skin tissues. SPF, therefore, acts as a barrier between harmful pollutants, UV rays and your skin and should be included into every anti-ageing routine.

Having a vigilant skincare regime is also important and the focus should be on reparative, regenerative products that actually work. The best anti-ageing active ingredients to look out for are: peptides, retinol, collagen, vitamin C, glycolic, hyaluronic and lactic acids. These can be universally applied to every age and included in any routine to replenish, hydrate and refine the skin, as having good, glowing skin always makes you look younger.

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