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    Safety is our standard

    Putting your safety first is at the heart of everything we do

At DestinationSkin the safety and wellbeing of our clients is our number one priority.

We are rigorous in our commitment to safety. This means that every time you visit us, you can be certain that you’re in safe hands. If you’re planning to undergo any advanced skin or hair removal treatments, we recommend that you do a bit of homework first. Trust us – you won’t regret it. Ask your provider the following three questions and, if they’re reputable, they’ll happily produce documents to prove it:

  • What qualifications and insurance do you have?
  • What training have their staff undertaken?
  • What products or machines will be used?

At DestinationSkin, we are incredibly proud of our proven track record and will happily offer further advice.

Laser Hair Removal safety measuresPlusMinus

When it comes to laser hair removal there are some key questions to ask your providers to ensure your treatment is the best option to get you satisfactory results whilst ensuring you are safe throughout your treatment.

At DestinationSkin, we have a laser protection advisor who sets our protocols. In each clinic, we also have a laser protection supervisor who ensures these same standards are maintained. Local authorities are also involved with the running of the clinics, providing special treatment licences following a detailed inspection.

We also follow guidelines from the Care Quality Act (2000). We use grade 4 medical lasers for hair reduction. These are continually serviced and maintained to ensure they are safe for use. Our machine based treatments are also FDA approved, so the benefits of using the medical appliance outweigh the potential risks. We hold liability insurance of a high standard and this is displayed in each clinic.

What machine is going to be used? Check that the machine is the correct option for your skin and hair type. It is not advisable to use certain lasers on darker skin types and we are extremely proud to be able to treat every skin type safely with the use of three different machines.

All lasers that are grade 4+ require a Laser protection Adviser and a Laser protection supervisor alongside other documentation to ensure its safe use.

What training has the practitioner undergone to ensure competency when using the laser? Any person using a laser needs to have a core of knowledge certificate as well as specific training on each machine they would be using.

Safe practise protocols are a must and protect you as the client. A set of protocols outline when the laser treatment should and shouldn’t be performed. At DestinationSkin we review our protocols on a regular basis and ensure that all the staff adhere to these. The protocols cover our safety to you when you may be tanned or have any illnesses.

How do I know that I am in safe hands? All of our practitioners have their Level 2 and 3 NVQ in Beauty Therapy/VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) or BTEC National Diploma when they start with us. From this they then undertake in-house training with Suppliers or our Approved Training Team over a period of five weeks. Throughout their employment, continuous training, testing and development is given to ensure all standards and procedures are adhered to.

For laser hair removal, our practitioners are first trained on treatments by Cynosure (a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems). Their further training is completed in house with our expert trainers, who have been approved by the laser suppliers (Cynosure) to carry out.

Injectable treatment safety measuresPlusMinus

Injectable treatments are an extremely personal and intimate treatment to have, so it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable with who you choose for your treatment. Unfortunately, as the industry is unregulated, there are a lot of independent companies offering treatments who may not have the skill or knowledge to perform treatments safely. When selecting an injector to complete your treatment, there are some key questions to ask them to ensure your safety as well as satisfaction.

What qualifications does the injector have? All Medical injectors must be members of the following boards which will demonstrate that they have a licence to practise. The General Medical Council (GMC), General Dental Council (GDC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). All of these require all registered Doctors, Dentists & Nurse Prescribers (respectively) to comply with their professional standards too.

Aside from qualifications how long has your injector been practising aesthetics? Ask to see previous photos of similar treatment areas. This will assure you of their competency and experience of treating such areas.

What brands will be used? At DestinationSkin we use only the leading, most trusted brands, equipment and products that are clinically proven to ensure patient safety & efficacy. These are Juvederm, Botox, Restylane, Profhilo, silhouette soft lift and Radiesse. We always import through the manufacturer meaning we can assure you it is the genuine product. Some providers may see they are using genuine Botox etc when in fact they aren’t, so always feel free to ask to see the vial or packaging for proof. Any genuine provider will be happy to show you this.

Are all products stored correctly? Botox needs to be stored at a set temperature range and this should be logged each day.

Are there any standards to ensure client safety? All injectors should wear gloves at all times, use certain disinfectants to clean the skin prior to treatment and be able to provide aftercare. At DestinationSkin, we carry out audits to ensure all of the above is being adhered to.

Skin treatment safety measuresPlusMinus

When it comes to deciding on a company to carry out your skin treatments whether that is a facial, micro needling, skin peels or laser/IPL treatments there are some main points to ask and look out for.

What treatments have you been advised and are they suited for your skin? At DestinationSkin, we carry out thorough consultations with our new clients, prior to commencing with any treatments. This allows us to fully assess the skin, hair growth if required, understand and discuss the clients reasons for wanting the chosen treatment. This allows our practitioners to establish if the client firstly is eligible for treatment, but also the best treatments to help clients achieve their desired results. We are always ethical in our approach, and will be honest with clients if we feel their desired look is not achievable with treatments, or that they may need more treatments than expected.

What brands is the company using on you and are they reputable. We ensure that the brands we use for our treatments are of high quality and cosmeceutical grade in regards to the products that we use. We also ensure case studies are completed to ensure the safety and efficacy of these before they are available for our customers. The machines and equipment we use are CE marked, FDA approved and have gone through rigorous testing.

Are their hygiene levels up to standard? In all of our clinics, we use disposable gloves when performing any treatment. We also use disposable gauze to clean the skin as well as disposable brushes to apply products. This is to ensure hygiene is maintained at a high level.

When having any needling treatments, including micro needling and skin imperfection, ensure all the needles are brand new and in sealed packs. Ensure for Micro needling that any needles have a CE mark and check their expiry date.

Preparation (by way of products you would use at home) to your skin is mostly required with any medium-deep skin peels and if this isn’t being offered then question why. Any preparation will ensure the skin is hydrated and that the peel will absorb to the right depth within the skin and won’t cause any adverse reactions.

How do I know that I am in safe hands? Similarly to our laser hair removal treatments, all of our practitioners have their Level 2 and 3 NVQ in Beauty Therapy/VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) or BTEC National Diploma when they start with us. From this our practitioners are first trained on treatments by Cynosure for any laser based skin treatments, SkinCeuticals, Epionce and DermaQuest for Skin Peels. For Microneedling, Microdermabrasion and IPL skin treatments, our practitioners are trained by our expert in house trainers, who have again been approved by the supplier to carry out this training.

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