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    Medical Injector
    RGN, INP

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Speciality: Lip enhancement and lip enhancement programmes

Come and see me at: Birmingham | Every Wednesday | Alternate Thursdays & Saturdays


Marie Dolan is a recognised and respected trainer within Aesthetic Medicine, she currently holds clinics in DestinationSkin Birmingham. Marie is an experienced trainer who runs lip masterclasses to doctors, dentists and nurses across the UK. She also holds Head Nurse overseeing, training and managing non-surgical treatments throughout 23 national clinics. As well as this, she is a National Nurse Trainer for an award winning dermal filling company training doctors, nurses and dentists to administer dermal fillers! Marie is advanced trained in the very latest treatments and techniques whilst maintaining a very ethical and honest approach to her clients.

She is an expert in personalised profiling, advanced volumisation techniques, facial sculpting, anti-ageing injectable procedures and facial rejuvenation. Further to this, Marie offers a whole range of medical-grade skin treatments such as advanced chemical peels and microneedle therapy for anti-ageing, acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Following a strict, individual medical consultation, Marie can create personal treatment programmes created to offer instant results but with long term continuity of care. Marie’s skills and experience to sculpt and redefine the facial contours whilst maintaining a natural look has resulted in a large, loyal client base throughout the UK. Marie Dolan is a member of the RGN INP, a board member of the BACN and has been with Destination Skin since 2009.

Q&A with Marie

Q: What is your favourite treatment and why?
A: I enjoy all of the carefully selected treatments I offer but i do have a particular passion for lip enhancement procedures as they remain to be one of most misunderstood treatments, yet offer both men and women of all ages subtle enhancement merely for for anti-ageing benefits both preventative and treatable, as well as resulting in striking results for clients wanting naturally volumous lips. The treatment itself is as much an art as a science and when given correctly and skilfully, the results are truly beautiful.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
I am in a privileged position and thoroughly enjoy the versatility of meeting new clients. No two clinics are the same and no two faces are the same! With such a loyal and large client base now, I find it hugely rewarding to see the treatment results making a positive difference to my client’s lives’.  The treatments I offer are not just about looking good, they are about feeling the very best you can.

Q: What advice you would give to someone considering injectable treatments?
Cosmetic injections and non-surgical treatments are very effective and safe if given by a skilled and experienced healthcare practitioner. Ensure your treatment is only carried out by a doctor, nurse or dentist. Ensure price point is not the deciding factor – the price bears no reflection on who is injecting the product and your subsequent results! Look for experience, amount of treatments carried out, where the procedure is to be administered and ensure a thorough consultation is carried out beforehand covering not only treatment results, but also risks associated. Ensure your treatment is carried out by a reputable practitioner