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    Medical Injector


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Speciality: Dermal Fillers

Come and see me at: Windsor and Guildford


Studying at, and receiving her qualifications from Oxford University, Lisa is an expert in the aesthetics industry. She began her medical career in plastic surgery and then on to Dermatology. Lisa also went on to develop her knowledge of the aesthetic Medicine in Asia and America.

Have made a lasting impression on her, Lisa was inspired by what she witnessed being achieved in Asia and America without surgery, and her ideas on the management of the ageing face. Attending Botox and Dermal Filler masterclasses in London also concreted her evidence based knowledge in non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

“My skills are that I am very knowledgeable in facial anatomy and skilful at administering injections, with a gentle technique. I have strong eye for detail and a natural eye for enhancing the ageing face whilst providing subtle, natural results. ”

Q&A with Lisa

Q: What is your favourite treatment and why?
A:  I am passionate about Profhilo, skin remodelling and rejuvenation.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A:  You have to have a valid interest in aesthetic and a natural artistic eye.

Q: What advice you would give to someone considering injectable treatments?
A: I strongly believe in customising treatments for patients, so that a natural look is enhanced rather than changed.

Lisa’s Work