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Dr Tracy Xu


Medical Injector


Come and see me at: London Liverpool St.

Dr Tracy Xu is an advanced aesthetic doctor with a background of cosmetic surgery and injectable treatments since 2009. She is completing her Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine with Harley Academy, and has also completed a Cosmetic Dermatology degree.

Apart from her MBBS (hons), Dr Xu also holds a PhD degree in Life Sciences, having researched profoundly in the field of pain science. She has a great skill to minimise pain and discomfort during your treatment and has artistic eyes with a great passion for helping clients achieve a natural, healthy, balanced look.

Her advanced experience within the new generation of aesthetics makes her a sought after doctor.

Q&A with Dr Tacy Xu

My favourite treatment is anything to do with face contouring, especial the enhancement of chin. Is it quite often an overlooked area especially under the current influence of social media, when the shapes and volume of lips are over-emphasised. I love the balanced and natural look when my patients have decided to have the chin enhancement treatment with myself. If you think of the face as a house, and the lips serve as the extravagant entrance doors, a beautiful chin should the great garden gate and the elegant front yard route that leads to the house.

The greatest thing about working in Aesthetics, is that most results are instant or fairly soon. It is a pleasure to be able to help people lift their mood by improving how they think about themselves. I really enjoy the confident smile on my patients face after achieving a satisfactory result. Best days are those when the patients exhilarated by the results, after a thorough consultation before going ahead with the treatments.

Always do your research before deciding to go ahead. Unfortunately the injectable industry is still largely unregulated. So definitely research well about the company, the background of the practitioner, and the treatment that you are interested in. Be prepared with your own questions before attending a consultation and really take the chance to communicate with the doctor/nurse. It is most important for you to find a readily available, responsible practitioner.

I love all styles of dancing, travelling (when we can), thriller movies that really make one thinking and a good gathering with best friends!

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