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    Meet Dr Giuseppe Fiore

    Senior Medical Injector

    GMC, Cosmetic surgeon

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Speciality: Non- surgical Face lift and Full rejuvenation of the face and jaw-line.

Come and see me at: Manchester |  Tuesdays and some weekend dates


Dr Giuseppe Fiore is our most recent member of the DestinationSkin medical team, and is a fully qualified cosmetic and cardiothoracic surgeon. Studying at the prestigious University of Medicine and Surgery in Rome, Dr Giuseppe has been practising for 12 years, and was previously the Principal Investigator for several international clinical trials including dermatological studies, before excelling as a cosmetic Doctor in Milan, and now Manchester and the Cheshire area.

His speciality treatments are vast, including lip rejuvenation/augmentation/shaping, cheek augmentation and contouring, tear trough rejuvenation, facial mesotherapy, sclerotherapy and thread lifts!

Q&A with Dr Giuseppe

Q: What are your interests?
A: My interests within my work focus on fluid facelift treatments. Full rejuvenation of the face, lip rejuvenation/augmentation/shaping, cheek augmentation and contouring, thread for face and neck lift and advanced Botox treatment.

Q: What is your favourite treatment and why?
A:  Cheek and lips rejuvenation and shaping. Cheeks are important to the overall facial proportions. Lips are one of the most attractive part of the body. High Cheekbones and plump lips include a symbol of youth and beauty.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: I always share with other experts in the field the deep surgical and scientific background in order to achieve high standards in procedure management and outstanding aesthetic results for the welfare of the patients. Achieve a high level of satisfaction for the patient and always to attend to patient safety.

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering injectable treatments?
A: Take time to find a reputable practitioner who is properly qualified and practises in a clean, safe and appropriate environment. Through listening and sharing the expectations I am able to achieve a high standard of true aesthetic outcome for my patients, while delivering it in the safest manner deal and in a climate of mutual trust.