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Dr Daina Jones


Clinical Director


Come see me at: London Liverpool Street

Our Group Clinical Director and in-house doctor, Daina, has been working within cosmetology since 2008 and is a classically trained, fully registered doctor with the General Medical Council, British Medical Association and Independent Doctors Federation. She is an integral member of our DestinationSkin staff and has been adding regularly to her cultural and clinical capital through the participation of workshops, courses and training events. Her specialist field is rejuvenation and her instinctive ability, honed through years of experience, enables her to creatively pursue her passion for aesthetics and judge the ultimate proportion, balance and naturalness in all her clients.

Q&A with Dr Daina Jones

Male rejuvenation, female face shape contouring and face lifts, older lip rejuvenation and lip size balance treatments. I also take care to provide customised skincare advice, such as anti-ageing, skin quality and radiance improvement and area of concern solving such as pigmentation or redness

Full face rejuvenation, as you are keeping all the characteristics of the face intact whilst it results in a brighter and happier face with no apparent signs of treatment.

Lifting tiredness and indirect sadness signs from people’s faces as it makes them happier with themselves and often gives a boost of confidence in their appearance, while signs of treatment are practically seamless.

Come and have a chat! I would love to answer your questions! You will get a very comprehensive consultation about your ageing type and best advice on how to slow down certain changes in the face. There is always a plan rather than one procedure therefore you are not changed dramatically in any way. More like adding a dose of “face after a great holiday” every time you visit! And there are options for any budget – all will be given to you in the consultation so you will have plenty of time to make an informed decision.

Dr Jones’s Work

Emma, City Clinic

Likely to recommend

Emma, City Clinic

"I visited Destination Skins City clinic and I was amazed at the in depth knowledge of the injector. I went in thinking I wanted a tear trough treatment to correct some rather dark circles/bags under my eyes. At only 33 years old I was worried they would dismiss my concerns and think I was a bit vain, how wrong was I! Dr Daina Jones put me completely at ease and explained to me that it was actually a natural deterioration of the fat in my face that had caused my eyes to become more 'hollow' and 'sunken'. I ended up having some Juverderm fillers to plump my face and my skin feels so much softer for it, plus the creases under my eyes have now pretty much vanished. I'm glad I did my research and picked a well known clinic with experienced staff as it was clear from my treatment they know their stuff. Everyone has commented how I look more fresh in the face (I haven't told them my secret though!)"

Hannah, City Clinic

Likely to recommend

Hannah, City Clinic

"Dr Daina talked me through my procedure thoroughly, let me ask her all my questions and didn’t rush me. I felt in safe hands during the treatment, and she constantly made sure I was comfortable. She was very knowledgeable about lip fillers, and managed my expectations that it would take quite a few appointments to get to the look I wanted."

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