SkinCeuticals GL Peel

Our professional SkinCeuticals GL Peel is designed to resurface dull skin & hydrate for a radiant JLo style glow.

Perfect for first-time peelers & gently formulated for comfortable, soothing results. The GL peel combines professional strength Glycolic acid (AHA) & Lactic Acid (BHA) making this treatment ideal for acne prone & sensitive skin.

Treatments are available as single treatments or courses, saving up to 10% when you pre-purchase a course:

  • Per pay as you go treatment: £75
  • Course of 3x peels: £171
  • Course of 6x peels: £324
  • Entry level peel

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The journey to healthy skin starts with a SkinCeuticals GL peel

The key to healthy skin is a skincare professional who understands how to use highly effective combinations of professional treatments and at home products.

6 tricks for getting flawless radiant skin

We want glowing flawless skin and we want it now! So, we asked the experts for their opinions:

Glycolic acid is a beauty bag essential

Glycolic acid (an Alpha-hydroxy acid) sloughs off the dull dry skin cells that build up over time. By chemically exfoliating them away you’ll see instantly smoother, brighter skin and will help to increase cell turnover, addressing general dullness. Think of it as giving yourself a glow massage!

And did we mention lactic acid?

Lactic Acid (another Alpha-hydroxy Acid) exfoliates cells on the surface of skin by breaking down the glue like gunk that holds skin cells together. Sounds grim we know, but if you want a glow that can only be described as “I live in Malibu” we suggest you introduce this ingredient into your professional skin treatment & skin care routine.

Slather on a Serum

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. The easy way to achieve a glow is to swap your daily facial moisturiser for a Hydrating Serum. Packed full of Vitamin B5 and much more concentrated than a daily lotion with small molecules to dive deep into pores. For best results, apply to freshly cleansed skin & follow with a broad spectrum SPF to lock in hydration.

Don’t be afraid to double cleanse

Make up, pollution and generally getting a bit hot and sweaty can play havoc with your skin, leaving it feeling greasy and congested. Cue the double cleanse in your evening skincare routine. By using an oil cleanser first to remove make up and the days grime, you’re preparing the skin to allow proper penetration of active ingredients in your second cleanser, think glycolic acid. It’s so effective that we’re not sure why we never did this before!


SkinCeuticals UV Defence

Daily UV exposure is the most common cause of sun spots, pigmentation, age spots or liver spots. Yes you’ve heard us shout about the benefits of SPF before, but a factor 50+ broad spectrum SPF really is the best way to prevent dull patchy spots of pigmentation appearing. Mission “preserve radiant glow” done!

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