The Vitamin C Peel

An entry level skin peel for the beginner peeler! Contains Vitamin C to smooth and brighten skin. Skin will feel more hydrated with visibly reduced pores. Reduces acne break outs & acne scarring, lightens pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles with no peeling or recovery time.

Treatments are available as single treatments or courses, saving up to 10% when you pre-purchase a course:

  • Per pay as you go treatment: £75
  • Course of 3x peels: £213.75
  • Course of 6x peels: £405

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Is it the right treatment for me?

This is our entry level skin peel so is suitable for all. Your skin will look brighter and more radiant.

Does this skin peel clear acne?

Yes. This peel tackles acne at the origin. It starves acne of its fuel, deep-cleanses pores and provides an anti-bacterial action that stops spots coming back.

What areas can be treated?

Face, back and chest

What does a skin peel feel like?

A facial peel should never hurt when done by a professional. The phrases that we hear over and over again from clients are “a gentle tingling” or “warming sensation”. These mean the active ingredients are penetrating the lower layers of the skin and getting to work. The sensation of skin peels will vary from person to person. Why? This is due to your skins condition, the severity of your skin concern and the strength of the peel.

How much does a skin peel cost?

Click here for a treatment menu and price list for all of our resurfacing treatments.

How many peels will I need?

The active ingredients in skin peels means that you will notice results after a single treatment. For optimal results, we recommend a course of skin peels.

 See our price list for Skin Peels available at DestinationSkin


Skin Peels Price List

1 Peel per PricePer TreatmentCourse of 3 Course of 6
DermaQuest Retinol Peel,
DermaQuest Glycolic StemCell Peel, DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel OR SkinCeuticals GL Peel
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Resurfacer OR Agera Vitamin C Peel£95£216£405
Agera Microdermabrasion & Vitamin C Peel£105£243£459
DermaQuest TCA Peel, Dermaquest Advanced Retinol Peel OR DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Peel£125£285£540
Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel Back £185£435£810
Dermaquest TCA Peel Back£225£537£1,074


*30% off courses of 3 and 6. Sale prices listed online are based on individual treatment prices when purchasing a course of 6x Vitamin C peels, rounded up to the nearest £

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