Pumpkin Peel

Clears Acne | Exfoliates | Decongests Clogged Pores 

An intermediate peel with more active ingredients for those looking to maintain results or graduate to a more intense peel. The Pumpkin Peel  is formulated to reduce & prevent acne breakouts whilst also supporting cell turnover making it ideal for acne prone skin. Contains Pumpkin enzymes, Glycolic acid (AHA), Lactic acid (AHA), Salycilic acid (BHA) & Orange stem cells.

Treatments are available for the face & body as single treatments or courses, saving up to 10% when you pre-purchase a course:

  • Per pay as you go treatment: from £60
  • Course of 3x peels: from £171
  • Course of 6x peels: from £324

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How does it work?

The key ingredients (lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids) are formulated to deep cleanse and dissolve tired skin cells whilst the pumpkin pulp strengthens collagen beneath the skin surface. Salicylic Acid penetrates the skin, spinning the debris out of the clogged pore. Acne is calmed, flare-ups are prevented and you’ll be back in control of your skin.

What areas can be treated?

Face, back and chest

Is the treatment right for me? 

This is an intermediate strength peel ideal for most skin types. It is important that your skin is in good health prior to this peel, so you might be advised to use homecare products to strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin barrier before starting your clear skin journey. Every spot starts with a comedone. The reason this peel is so effective at treating acne is because it tackles acne at the origin. By starving the acne of its fuel, this peel removes comedones, deep-cleanses pores and provides an anti-bacterial action.


See the results:

Hannah came to us after being fed up of spending money on every high street product out there to calm her breakouts with no luck. A course of pumpkin peels & homecare products has helped Hannah get her skin back on track. Read her story here

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Skin Peels Price List

1 Peel per PricePer TreatmentCourse of 3 Course of 6
DermaQuest Retinol Peel,
DermaQuest Glycolic StemCell Peel, DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel OR SkinCeuticals GL Peel
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Resurfacer OR Agera Vitamin C Peel£95£216£405
Agera Microdermabrasion & Vitamin C Peel£105£243£459
DermaQuest TCA Peel, Dermaquest Advanced Retinol Peel OR DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Peel£125£285£540
Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel Back £185£435£810
Dermaquest TCA Peel Back£225£537£1,074


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