Dermaquest® Modified Jessner’s Peel

Exfoliates | Prevents Acne Breakouts| Diminishes pigmentation

DermaQuests® Modified Jessner’s Peel is designed to manage acne, preventing persistent breakouts and calming current blemishes with Salicylic Acid. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it also employs Lactic Acid to lift dark spots due to acne scarring, and resorcinol to exfoliate away dead skin cells, excess oil and debris to establish your clean and clear complexion.

  • Greatly exfoliates for a softer, smoother appearance
  • Diminishes pigmentation associated with acne and scaring
  • Eliminates and prevents razor bumps

Treatments are available as single treatments or courses, saving up to 10% when you pre-purchase a course:

  • Per pay as you go treatment: £125
  • Course of 3x peels: £285
  • Course of 6x peels: £540

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Dermaquest Modified Jessners Peel


How does it work?

Attack and address stubborn acne concerns. Uniquely formulated to refine and unclog pores for smoother, brighter and clearer skin, this treatment is designed to stop breakouts in their tracks and hamper the unwanted effect of acne.

This treatment works to dissolve oil buildup, in order to prevent severe acne outbreaks. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this treatment also employs lactic acid to lift dark spots due to acne scarring, and resorcinol to exfoliate away dead skin cells, diminishing bacteria, which causes acne to become active. This treatment also reduces inflammation and swelling of cystic acne under the skin.

What areas can be treated?

Face, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms can be treated with this peel.

Is the treatment right for me?

This treatment is for those with acne grades 2-4, with thick resilient skin. It also significantly reduces PIH (pregnancy-induced hypertension) or Melasma.

Will my face, well, peel?

You will experience skin peeling, with larger flakes of skin, rather than sheets. Your skin will be back to normal 7-10 days after the treatment

How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend a course of 3 treatments, with 1 treatment every 4 weeks.

What will the treatment feel like?

When the Modified Jessner’s Peel is applied, your skin will feel heat and a spiky, itchy sensation. Your skin will go pink and a light frosting will form

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