Skin Brite Peel

Correct sun damage | Lift pigmentation & dark spots | Even skin tone 

The reason we love the Skin Brite peel is that it’s proven to lift even the most stubborn pigmentation, dark spots or melasma that high street purchased products refuse to shift.

How does it work?

The combination corrective and preventative active ingredients get to work in two ways. Lactic acid and Stem Cells prevent further pigmentation developing, whilst the Mandelic and Phytic acids lift, brighten & gently exfoliate visible dark spots, offering a pro-longed proven solution to even the deepest set pigmentation.

Skin Brite Peel - Sun Damage - Before and After

Photo: before and after a course of Skin Brite Peels to correct sun damage pigmentation.

What areas can be treated?


Is the Skin Brite Peel right for me?

The Skin Brite Peel is an intermediate level peel, so is suitable for most skin types. We would not recommend it to clients with very sensitive or delicate skin. It is important that your skin is in good health prior to this peel, so you might be advised to use homecare products to strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin barrier before starting your treatments.

What happens during my treatment?

Your skin is thoroughly cleansed before the solution is applied. The peel solution gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, smoothing the skin’s texture and boosting cell turnover. Cold water is brushed over the face which triggers the active ingredients to start working. At this point you may feel a warming sensation as the ingredients penetrate and start to work. Your practitioner will remove the solution, before applying a recovery complex and protection to your skin. The treatment takes 45 minutes in total.

What will the treatment feel like?

A few clients say that the treatment feels warm for a couple of minutes, but it will never be uncomfortable.

What happens after my treatment?

After care advice and a great homecare kit is essential and the key to maintaining your results at home. We always recommend a hydrating serum such as SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 serum to bring back the glow andsupple look to the skin as well as a simple but advanced day and night routine including a daily broad spectrum SPF and nightly retinol to resurface and refine the skin.

Will my face, well, peel?

There’s little downtime associated with this treatment. If you do experience any peeling, do not be alarmed. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

How long will results last?

To maintain maximum brightness, we recommend an on-going homecare package to help prevent future pigmentation and sun damage. The Retinol Youth Brightening Serum from the DermaQuest Skin Brite range contains brightening Kojic acid & the transforming nature of retinol to reduce dark spots whilst refining and rejuvenating skin

Skin Peels Price List

1 Peel per PricePer TreatmentCourse of 3 Course of 6
DermaQuest Retinol Peel,
DermaQuest Glycolic StemCell Peel, DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel OR SkinCeuticals GL Peel
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance, DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Resurfacer, SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel OR Agera Vitamin C Peel£95£216£405
Agera Microdermabrasion & Vitamin C Peel£105£243£459
DermaQuest TCA Peel, Dermaquest Advanced Retinol Peel, DermaQuest Advanced Salicylic Peel OR DermaQuest SkinBrite Peel£125£285£540
Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel Back £185£435£810
Dermaquest TCA Peel Back£225£537£1,074

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