Lip Fillers

Enhance the natural beauty of your lips with lip filler treatments. Dermal fillers temporarily add volume and shape to your lip area giving a beautifully natural result.

Fuller or more balanced lips are high on many peoples wish list, with lip fillers being one of our most popular injectable treatments during 2015. We recommend Juvederm lip fillers which are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in your body. This makes them an incredibly safe treatment with results that can easily be tailored to you. A small amount is injected around the lip border or lip body to gently shape or plump your lips to achieve your desired look. HA lip fillers are temporary, meaning that they will last for 6 – 9 months before your body breaks them down.

What ways can lip fillers enhance your lips?

  • Add volume to thin lips
  • Create a pronounced cupids bow
  • Define the lip border to stop lipstick bleeding
  • Balance uneven lips
  • Reduce fine “smokers” lines

All lip enhancements at DestinationSkin are carried out by a member of our clinical team. Book your lip consultation today using the form on this page.

Thin Lips can be safely treated with Dermal Lip Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get your lips done?

Lip augmentation is unique to each client depending on how much product is used. Prices typically start from £250 and your clinical practitioner discuss this with you depending on your ideal results.

How quickly do I get results?

Results are evident immediately but will continue to develop over the following 7 – 14 days. Lips can become a little swollen for 24 – 48 hours following a lip enhancement treatment so we suggest avoid planning social events for 24 – 48 hours. This is completely normal and will subside over a couple of days.

What do lips feel like after they’ve been treated?

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are very soft in the lip area and won’t feel hard or lumpy when injected properly. Your lips will look & feel natural.

What do lip injections feel like?

The lip area can be sensitive, so we apply a numbing cream to the area before the treatment. We also only use Juvederm lip fillers which contain anaesthetic for maximum comfort during and after the treatment.

How long do temporary lip fillers last?

Our lips fillers are all temporary Hyaluronic Acid fillers which typically last for up to 12 months. This can vary between individuals which your doctor or nurse will explain to you during the consultation.

The lip enhancement procedure:

The doctor or nurse will carefully examine your lip area and discuss your desired results. The treatment starts with the area being cleansed and numbed before the dermal filler’s injected into the lip area. The specialist will massage the product to create a smooth natural looking result.

What do we use for lip injections?

We only use the leading Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers for lip filler treatments, including Juvederm. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occuring sugar chain molecule found in your skin. It attracts and binds water in the skin providing gentle, natural looking volume perfect for the delicate lip area.


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