Hair Removal Price List

Ready to take the next step to become hair free? As the UK’s Laser experts we use the most advanced lasers, Cynosure Elite+ as you progress through your treatments to bring the best results for all skin types. Because results are why you’re here.

We’ve just lowered our prices permanently, saving you up to a whopping 55% against our old prices. The table below shows the price per area for single treatments and the price for a course of 6 treatments where we take an extra 10% off.


Laser Hair Removal Price List

Treatment Area (1 per price)Single Treatment (per Area)Course of 6
Upper Lip, Glabella (between eyebrows), Eyebrows OR
Underarms, Chin, Navel Line, Nipples, Feet & Toes, Hairline, Cheeks OR back of Legs£55£243
Lip & Chin, Inner Thigh, Glabella & Eyebrows, Sideburns, Knees, Butt Crease, Part Butt, Front or Back Neck, Classic Bikini, Hands & Fingers OR Hands, Feet & Toes£65£297
Butt, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Shoulders, Lower Face, Bikini (Thong) OR Full Neck£90£405
Brazilian bikini, Lower Arms, Upper or Lower Back OR 3/4 Arms£115£513
Lower Leg, Full Face, Full Arms (inc Underams), Hollywood Bikini, Upper Legs, Chest (inc Nipples) OR Back£140£621
Full Legs, Chest & Abdomen OR Back & Shoulders£165£729

Or why not explore our ultimate hair removal options:

  • For women: Your Summer beach fun only begins after a trip to DestinationSkin, the hair removal specialists—for permanent solutions. We’ve created tailor made female treatment packages with up to 49% off the cost of buying each area individually. View offers.
  • For men: Take full control on all areas of the body, including difficult to reach areas, and save up to 49% with our handpicked male treatment packages. So affordable you’ll question why you’ve been shaving and plucking until now. View offers.

Next steps:

Use the form on this page to book your free patch test today. Top tip! For best results, book your treatments at regular intervals; we recommend once every 4 weeks to remove facial hair and every 6-8 weeks to remove body hair. Most people require between 6 – 12 treatments in total.

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