Facial Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair can be embarrassing inconvenient and a reoccurring beauty routine for many men and women. Traditional methods of threading, waxing and bleaching facial hair can be harsh on the skin and increase skin sensitivity and irritation. Fortunately facial laser hair removal is a safe treatment which can effectively reduce hair on the face, hairline & neck area.

–          Permanently reduce facial hair, safely

–          Prevent skin irritation from traditional hair removal methods

–          Target embarrassing areas on the face

What is facial laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment of hair right at the root with the laser beam and destroying it once it makes contact. Once damaged, the follicle starts to slow regrowth, which after a course of treatment will lead you to be hair free. DestinationSkin have invested in gold standard Cynosure Elite+ laser machines, which give faster treatments and safe for all skin types.

Facial Laser Hair Removal AreasCommon Hair Removal Areas

Hair Line

Glabella (in between eyebrows)

Side burns

Upper lip






Does It Work?

DestinationSkin have performed 350,000 laser hair removal treatments so the numbers speak for themselves. We invest in gold standard Cynosure Elite+ laser machines, which give faster treatments and amazing results. Take a look at the results you can achieve for facial laser hair removal…

Facial Laser Hair Removal Chin

Facial Laser Hair Removal Indian Skin Chin

Facial Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Our DestinationSkin practitioners undergo intensive training in laser hair removal, covering all areas and skin colours. We are partnered with Treatments You Can Trust’ promising to deliver your treatments in a safe, confident regulated clinical environment. Better yet, you can be rest assured our practitioners will be able to give you discreet, approachable, reassuring treatments so you can feel comfortable every time you enter DestinationSkin’s clinic doors. With 98046 treatments performed since DestinationSkin have opened their doors, you can be sure you are in safe hands. You can receive facial laser hair removal treatment at any of our 18 national clinics including DestinationSkin Birmingham, DestinationSkin Manchester, or one of our DestinationSkin London clinics, including flagship clinic DestinationSkin Oxford Circus.

Can You Have It When Pregnant?

We are unfortunately unable to treat clients who are pregnant. If you are expecting and would like to talk about options for having laser hair removal then click here to speak to a practitioner at your local clinic here.

Is It Permanent?

Laser Hair Removal can permanently reduce hair growth however there is no laser hair removal which will completely removal all hair. As we use the most advanced lasers at DestinationSkin, over a course of treatments you can expect to see visible results with hair growth reduced by 79% after just 3 treatments.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Review

What Are The Side Effects?

There is little downtime after your treatment which means you can return to work without your skin looking normal. It is common to experience minor side effects after your laser treatment which can include;

–          Redness around the treated area

–          Tingling or warmth

–          Swelling around the follicle

All of these minor side effects are common and your practitioner will cool the area during and post treatment to reduce the redness on the skin.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Cost/Price

Upper Lip – Single Treatment £45 Course of 6 £189

Cheeks, Hairline – Single Treatment £55 Course of 6 £243

Lip & Chin, Glabella & Eyebrows, Side burns – Single Treatment £65 Course of 6 £297

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