Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is thought to affect upwards of 3% of the world’s population. We know how difficult it can be to cope with excessive sweating so we are here to take you through a treatment journey that will deliver the dry skin results you deserve to improve your quality of life. We treat Hyperhidrosis by injecting Toxin into the affected area.

What areas can be treated?

Underarms, hands & feet

Is the treatment right for me?

This treatment is suitable for most people

How does it work?

Toxin is injected into the area to block signals to the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat that is produced. This has given many clients the ability to manage their condition and control the impact it has on their day to day lives where antiperspirants & deodorants have failed.

What happens during the treatment?

Your treatment will take place in one of our private treatment rooms. The practitioner will cleanse the area and will start the injections. Treatments typically take around 30 minutes.

What results can I expect from the treatment?

We only use Toxin from the most trusted supplier, Allergan, which is meticulously clinically tested and proven to work so you can be confident in your investment:

95% of patients have responded in just 1 week and 82% of patients were still responding after 16 weeks*

86% reduction in sweat production in just one week, 87% reduction in 4 weeks and 75% reduction after 16 weeks*

89% of patients were satisfied after 1 week and patient satisfaction improved to 93% after 16 weeks post treatment*

How quickly will I notice results?

The full effects of the treatment develops over 2-3 days and the improvements will last for 3-8 months, and the treatment can be repeated as often as required.

Hyperhidrosis at a glance:

  • No. of required treatments: Results after 1 with top ups for optimal results
  • Consultation time: 30 minutes
  • Treatment time: 60 minutes
  • Back to work: Same day
  • Recovery period: Usually same day. Mild bruising around the injection site is normal.
  • Length of results: 3-8 months

Next steps

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The big questions:

How do I know Toxin is safe?

Safety is our standard. We are rigorous in our commitment to safety meaning that every time you visit us, you can be certain that you’re in safe hands. To prove our commitment to this, we only use genuine Toxin from Allergan, our internationally recognised partner. Toxin is a registered prescription drug, and the reason that we only use genuine Toxin is because Allergan rigorously test the product against stringent guidelines and produce clinical tests to confirm its safety and suitability for this treatment. Read more about why we are the Injectable Specialists, here.

Are there any risks associated with Toxin injections?

There are very few risks associated with this treatment, however mild bruising can occur as a result of the injection.

Who will inject me?

Toxin can only be injected by a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse Prescriber who has been specifically trained in the treatment. All of our clinical staff are trained to administer these injections and are registered with their respective governing and regulatory bodies which include the NMC, GMC and GDC. Read more about our team here.

Excessive Sweating Treatment Price List

 Per Treatment
Hyperhidrosis (Toxin)From £400

*Naumann & Lowe courtesy of Allergan UK.


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