• Promotes a youthful complexion
  • Erases the signs of ageing
  • Diminishes lines and wrinkles
  • Administered by highly qualified Doctors and Nurses

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra (otherwise known as Poly-L-Lactic acid or “liquid facelift”) is an FDA approved volumising solution injected into the face to replace the loss of collagen throughout the ageing process.

Facial volume is restored with a series of injections with gradual results rather than a dramatic change in appearance.

How Does It Work?

Sculptra is injected into the dermis layers of the face to replace volume which has been lost over the years. The solution generates a process called Collagen neo-synthesis improving sunken areas and contouring the face.

The collagen process provides a foundation that gradually re-builds the look of fullness and plumpness in the skin, in turn eradicating wrinkles, lines and folds in the skin.

The results of having a sculptra treatment can last up to 2 years, the results happen over a period of time rather than an immediately as the collagen process needs to take effect which in turn will plump out the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles.

How Is It Applied?

With any injectable treatment at DestinationSkin whether its Sculptra, anti-wrinkle injections, fillers or Dermaroller you will also be seen by a highly trained Doctor or nurse who will take you through a thorough consultation, taking note of medical history before the treatment takes place to ensure you’re eligible.  See our clinical team

The Beauty of Sculptra


Injectable PLLA begins working within the deep dermis to replace lost collagen and reinforce skin structure.


As microparticles of injectable PLLA are absorbed, a collagen framework is provided to gradually restore volume.


This results in the smoothing out of shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds for a more refined appearance that can last up to 2 years

Where Can It Be Applied?

Sculptra can help improve the following:

  • Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Folds
  • Scars

For volume restoration, Sculptra can be applied in the following areas of the face:

  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Marionette Lines
  • Jaw
  • Chin
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Malar area


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