Radiesse® Hand & Skin Treatment

When we think about the signs of ageing most of us think first about our faces. However, one of the earliest signs of ageing is our hands.  Always on display and often subject to the harshest of conditions, our hands deserve care and attention as much as our faces.

Did you know?

  • 95% of women believe that wrinkled, lined or rough hands can make a person appear older;
  • 88% of women wish their hands were smoother;
  • 87% of women wish their hands looked younger.

* An independent survey conducted among a panel of sixty-five women between the ages of 30 and 69 by Crabtree & Evelyn.

Take care…

The appearance of your hands is as important as the appearance of your face.

  • Do you regularly invest in good quality hand creams?
  • Do you go to professional salons for manicures or nail polish?

What can be better than supple, smooth and youthful hands?

If you feel your hands could look and feel softer and more cared for now is the time. Thanks to the latest advances in aesthetic technology taking care of your hands couldn’t be easier.

Before and After Radiesse®

Over time the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands diminishes, allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. Radiesse dermal filler will help put that plumpness back and reduce the appearance of those ageing signs.


Radiesse® treatment options

Volume Loss Radiesse restores volume to the back of the hands, making veins and tendons less visible.

Lines Radiesse can be used to plump up the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and lines.

Age Spots Skin-lightening creams can help to cover age spots or other marks. Laser therapy and chemical peeling are further options if pigmentation problems are more pronounced.

Dry Skin Ask your practitioner about Belotero, another injectable dermal filler from Merz Aesthetics. Belotero used in combination with Radiesse can hydrate the skin to add those finishing touches to your rejuvenated hands.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a volumising injectable dermal filler that restores volume and adds structure to the skin. The unique, innovative and safe gel formula contains calcium microspheres (CaHa) which stimulate the production of your own natural collagen.

Treatments typically take around 30 minutes and discomfort level is minimal. The results are instant and can last up to 12 months in many patients with a single treatment.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is broken down by the body and naturally metabolised over time. It is clinically proven to be effective and safe with very high patient satisfaction ratings. More than 3 million packs of Radiesse have been used by practitioners and patients worldwide since 2004. In 2006 the Federal Drugs Administration of the USA (FDA) approved Radiesse and it also has CE certification (the European Union standard) for soft tissue augmentation.

Radiesse hand rejuvenation is a simple and highly effective treatment. Speak to your practitioner today about turning back time with your hands.

Radiesse is available at the following DestinationSkin clinics; BirminghamBristol, Cardiff, Basingstoke, Guildford & Barnet.


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