Non-Surgical Face Lift

The Non-Surgical Face Lift explained

Volume loss to the face contributes significantly to lines, wrinkles and overall facial ageing. The Non-Surgical Face Lift is an new anti-wrinkle injection technique that treats all areas of the face using dermal fillers. It targets the effects of ageing by improving volume to a range of facial areas. The result? A subtle, safe, natural-looking improvement to volume to help regain youthfulness.

What’s special about the Non-Surgical Face Lift?

This revolutionary technique takes facial enhancement to a new level, giving you the most natural, balanced look:


Non-Surgical Face Lift before and 2 weeks after. Treated by Dr M  Martins.

We only carry out the Non-Surgical Face Lift using dermal fillers from our trusted partners, Allergan:

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Who will be performing my treatment?

All of our injectables treatments are carried out by a specialist Doctor or Nurse, offering you the experience of a true expert. Our clinical team have worked on 10 Years Younger, and together have performed over 900,000 procedures.

The Consultation

All injectables treatments require a thorough consultation with the Doctor or Nurse who will conduct your treatment. Your Doctor or Nurse will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment. The consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.

We advise clients to arrive for their consultation without makeup on. This helps improve the facial assessment and also minimises the risk of infection post-procedure.

What happens during the treatment?

After your consultation, the skin is cleansed and a sequence of injections are administered into specific sites. No numbing is required because the range of fillers that we use contain the anaesthetic Lidocaine, making the process as comfortable as possible. The method defines 8 specific injection areas, but the number of injections differs for each client depending on areas of concern & desired results.

How long will the treatment take?

The procedure takes 30 – 45 minutes, excluding the consultation.

Will I experience any side effects?

Side effects are minimal; you may experience temporary tenderness around the injection sites.

Will I experience any down-time?

Down-time is minimal. We advise that you avoid applying make-up for 12 hours and restrain from any further treatments in this area for 7 days. To avoid infection, you should minimise touching the injection sites for 2 weeks. Generally patients can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment without disruption.

What results can I expect to achieve?

You will notice an improvement in facial volume and shape whilst maintaining your own natural, balanced look.

How quickly will I notice results?

Results will be visible instantly, and will continue to improve over the course of a few weeks.

How long will results last?

The dermal fillers that we use for this treatment deliver long lasting results of up to 18 months.

Will I need to come back for a review post-treatment?

You will be invited back to the clinic 2 weeks after your treatment to evaluate results.

Trust DestinationSkin

We only use injectable products that are proven to deliver long lasting, natural looking results to our clients. We are proud to partner with Allergan who are committed to using the latest innovations in dermal filler technology to promote healthy skin and safe treatments.

Treatment Pricing:

Dermal Fillers Price List

 Prices from (Per treatment)
Lip Lines£99
Lip Fillers£250
Facial Fillers£325


Price match promise available at selected clinics only, call your local clinic to enquire about any offers.

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