Omnilux Light Therapy

Omnilux Light Therapy (other wise known as Blue Light Therapy) is clinically proven to clear acne and also lift, tighten and firm sagging skin by stimulating the body’s own natural collagen process to counteract the effects of aging and promote healthier skin. It is often described as being a relaxing and calming experience and is absolutely pain free.

For acne prone skin

  • A natural, non-invasive treatment to kill the bacteria responsible for acne
  • Neutralises acne bacteria, clears skin
  • Suitable for every skin type

We know the frustration that many people experiencing acne feel at having spent time and money trying lots of different high street ‘clear skin’ products with no long term success. That’s why we only offer clinically proven treatments to help you take control of your skin again.

How does it work?

Able to treat mild – moderate acne, Omnilux Blue Light Therapy neutralises the acne bacteria to reduceredness & inflammation of breakouts, and promote clearer healthier skin. The results? A reduction in acne lesions by 70% 4-8 weeks after your treatment.

What ares can be treated?

Face, chest & back A causing acne inflammation & redness of acne lesions to subside, promoting clearer, healthier skin. It can treat acne on face, chest and back and is suitable for all patients

 For anti-ageing

  • A natural, non-invasive anti-ageing treatment
  • Provides instant lifting and tightening
  • Clinically proven to stimulate collagen production
  • Suitable for every skin type

Collagen is the scaffolding and building blocks to healthy skin. We’re all born with collagen in abundance, but as we age factors such as UV exposure cause the level of collagen in the skin to decrease which is where wrinkles develop.

 How does it work?

Omnilux Blue Light Therapy can help to overcome the effects of ageing by stimulating your natural collagen & elastin production. You will notice improvements to the deepest lines, wrinkles and scars as new collagen plumps them up.

What areas can be treated?

Face & neck

Treatment Pricing:

Omnilux Light Therapy Price List

Omnilux TreatmentSingle TreatmentCourse of 3 (Save 5%)Course of 6 (Save 10%)
30 minutes£60£142.50£270
30 minutes (add on to another treatment)£30£71.25£135

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