eDermastamp & Dermaroller

Who doesn’t want smoother, younger & brighter looking skin? The good news is that you can now get it with our professional skin needling treatments.

We use the leading eDermastamp & Dermaroller genuine equipment to treat the face and body for the following concerns:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretchmarks
  • Scarring (face or body)

Treatment Results

DermaRoller and eDermastamp are excellent for tired skin that’s losing smoothness, plumpness or becoming slack around the mouth and jaw. Results around the lower face are often the most pronounced, although it’s proven to makes the whole face area look smoother and fresher. The before & after images below show skin take on a new vitality post-treatment, looking brighter, firmer, smoother and clearer.

4x DermaRoller treatments for acne scarring:

DermaRoller for acne scarring

Photo above courtesy of  Sach Mohen

2x DermaRoller treatments for acne scarring:

DermaRoller for acne scarring

Photo above courtesy of  DermaRoller

2x DermaRoller treatments for acne scarring:

DermaRoller for acne scarring

Photo above courtesy of  Dr Wickhai, Thailand

2x DermaRoller treatments for body stretchmarks:

DermaRoller for body stretchmarks

Photo above courtesy of  Dr Scalvini, Italy

4x DermaRoller body treatments for fine lines:

DermaRoller body for Fine Lines

Photo above courtesy of  Natara Jackson

What are eDermastamp and DermaRoller?

These professional skin needling treatments are an established procedure showing clinical skin improvements! The gentle and pain free way to rejuvenate your skin by kick-starting collagen production for healthier looking skin naturally.

eDermastamp: This is the leading electronic microneedling device on the market. A small hand piece with tiny ultra fine needles is glided over ageing or scarred skin taking skin needling to the next level.

DermaRoller: A small handheld roller is manually applied to ageing or scarred skin & gently rolled over it to naturally regenerate it.

How do DermaRoller & eDermastamp work?

With both treatments, the treated skin responds by naturally producing more supporting collagen which your skin needs to stay firm and regenerate scar tissue. New skin cells are generated over a process taking up to 6 weeks to enhance the overall structure. Not only do you get the benefits of new collagen (think plump, youthful skin) these treatments will also make your skin care products more effective. How? By making micro fine holes in your skin, in the same way you might aerate a lawn, it allows the active ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively.

10 things you should know about genuine eDermastamp and DermaRoller:

1. They reduce acne scars:

Acne often leaves behind scars. By stimulating vital collagen, DermaRoller & eDermastamp help to regenerate the scarred skin to smooth and reduce the appearance of scars

2. Skin needling is proven to reduce lines & wrinkles:

As we age our skin looses elasticity as collagen levels decline, leaving skin looking tired & lined. eDermastamp & DermaRoller counteract this by stimulating collagen production. Almost all of our clients report that their skin looks fuller & texture improved

3. DermaRoller & eDermastamp can treat stretchmarks

Collagen production visibly reduces the appearance of body stretchmarks

4. Skin needling improves the effectiveness of your products

By making micro fine holes in your skin DermaRoller & eDermastamp allow the active ingredients in your skincare products to penetrate your skin more effectively. At DestinationSkin, we love combining skin needling with Dermaquest Essential B5 Hydrating Serum quench dry, dehydrated skin.

5. You can save up to 43% on DermaRoller treatments

That’s right. We’ve recently lowered our prices to give you unbeatable value everyday without compromising on the quality of your treatment. See below for prices.

6. DermaRoller and eDermastamp needles are very small & micro-fine

The “bigger is better” argument doesn’t stand with skin needling! We only use genuine DermaRoller and eDermastamp which are German engineered medical devices produced to the highest standards. These devices with 1.5mm needles achieve the same results that non-genuine rollers produce with longer, thicker needles. Don’t compromise on quality, safety or comfort! Our devices are designed to be very strong and very sharp. The important part is ensuring that the needles are micro fine to gently penetrate the topmost layer of the skin. Our eDermastamp device allows your practitioner to adjust the needle depth throughout the treatment depending on the face or body area, giving maximum results

7. You don’t need more needles to improve the effectiveness of skin needling

The more needles on a roller, the more force that has to be applied to penetrate the skin. The genuine DermaRoller and eDermastamp devices we use are carefully engineered to have the optimal number of needles, improving results & making the treatment more comfortable.

8. Our DermaRoller and eDermastamp don’t hurt!

We use numbing cream with all of our skin needling treatments making the procedure comfortable but we’re quite confident to say that the new eDermastamp needling really doesn’t hurt!

9. Treatment results aren’t instant

The natural regeneration process takes up to 6 weeks to fully develop but the results are well worth waiting for. As the photos above show, skin take on a new vitality post-treatment, looking brighter, firmer, smoother and clearer.

10. Is there any recovery time?

A little. Your skin will look a little flushed after a DermaRoller or eDermastamp treatment and may feel tighter than normal. This will start to subside after 1 – 2 hours, with slight redness over the following couple of days. It’s important that you wear a broad spectrum SPF 50+ product. We recommend SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance Defence SPF 50, this will protect your skin post-treatment. To speed up recovery time we also recommend using the SkinCeuticals Redness Neutraliser in conjunction with a moisture quenching hydrating serum.

Next Steps:

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