Youngblood Liquid Foundation Brush

Liquid Foundation brush


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Product Description

The Youngblood Liquid Foundation Brush give a flawless, even, natural-looking coverage.  Using super-soft, velvety-smooth synthetic bristles, this foundation brush glides smoothly over the skin for even foundation application with no streaks.  The synthetic bristles allow for light or full coverage and blend foundation seamlessly into your natural skin-tone and with other makeup.

Ideally paired with Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation, the Youngblood Liquid Foundation Brush picks up just the right amount of liquid foundation and leaves just the right amount on your face.  The soft bristles are sensitive to pressure, so it works perfectly to conceal blemishes and other skin issues so you have a porcelain, flawless complexion.

It’s easy to clean and dries quickly, so you won’t have to wait to use it.

Use the Youngblood Liquid Foundation Brush with Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation. Apply foundation to the brush and glide it over the face, focusing on blending the foundation into the skin and covering problematic areas.

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