Electrolysis Pricing

At DestinationSkin, we are proud to offer advanced solutions that work. Whether you suffer from excessive hair growth or just want to stop regularly shaving & waxing, Electrolysis is an FDA approved hair removal method, designed to stop hair growth impacting your life.


Bring in any quote from another high street provider for the same treatment and we will price match, T&Cs apply.

TreatmentsSingle TreatmentCourse of 3 Course of 6
Electrolysis Hair Removal 15 mins£45£99
Save £36
Save £81
Electrolysis Hair Removal 30 mins£75£171
Save £54
Save £126
Electrolysis Hair Removal 45 mins£110£258
Save £72
Save £174
Electrolysis Hair Removal 60 mins£140£330
Save £90
Save £219
Advanced Electrolysis 15 mins£60£144
Save £36
Save £90
Advanced Electrolysis 30 mins£105£264
Save £51
Save £132
Advanced Electrolysis 45 mins£155£387
Save £78
Save £201


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