What is Cellulite?

Cellulite affects up to 90% of the adult female population. Find out ways that we can help to reduce the visibility of it.The cellulite fight is real, and we’re here to help you. Our guide to cellulite will separate the facts from the fiction and the fad creams from the treatments that will really get rid of cellulite.

Everyone likes a cheek dimple when you smile, but if you’ve got dimples elsewhere that you want to get rid of then read on. The airbrushed images of the red carpet elite leave us feeling like we’re the only one living with cellulite, but the truth is that up to 90% of adult women experience it to some degree.

So, what is cellulite?

Cellulite is the dimpled “orange peel” effect that we typically get on the backs of thighs, our stomachs, knees and backs of arms. The fat under our skin is kept together with fibrous connective tissue, but this normal fat sometimes loses shape and appears bumpy because it pokes against these connective pockets.

Who gets cellulite?

Does it target a certain type of person, or are we all just a pair of thighs that represents a blank canvas to cellulite?

Myth 1 – Thin women don’t get cellulite

This is simply not true. The one thing that unites women of all shapes & sizes is the propensity to develop the dreaded orange peel effect. Athletes & even very slender models can develop dimples, it’s just airbrushed out of the photos before we see them. Age, weight fluctuations and a sun-worshipper attitude can actually make depressions worse across problem areas.

Myth 2 – Younger women don’t get cellulite.

The truth is that cellulite can develop at any age. Yes, your skin becomes less elastic as you age. Other age induced factors weaken the connective tissue fibre and the levels of estrogen responsible for bringing nutrients to the connective tissues & promoting collagen production decrease. Factors such as smoking, stress and big changes in weight also weaken the connective tissues which is why we see women of all ages coming to us for treatment.

Myth 3 – Men don’t get cellulite.

Not true – although it’s far less common, men technically can develop cellulite. There are a couple of reasons why men don’t get it as readily as women, including: men’s connective tissue is firmer than women’s meaning that it holds fat in place better. The female hormone estrogen is responsible for making fat. Our male counterparts with higher levels of testosterone are lucky because testosterone burns fat.

What causes cellulite?

Myth 4: Cellulite is excess fat:

Not true! Cellulite is caused by a weak structure to the skin, not excess fat. We all have a layer of fat in between the muscles & skin (regardless of our weight) which are held in place with connective tissue fibres. When these connective tissues are weakened they aren’t able to hold the fat in place as tightly and it starts to poke through, causing the dimpling effect.

Cellulite treatments: the facts vs fiction

Myth 5: Lotions, potions & well packaged creams can shift stubborn cellulite:

Not if you’re looking for long-term results. To improve the signs of dimpling, we need to get to the cause to be able to remodel fat. Topical creams just don’t penetrate deep enough to take effect.

Myth 6: Shifting weight = shifting cellulite

Not necessarily. Because cellulite is caused by damaged tissues & not excess fat, shifting weight can (especially in large amounts) worsen the visibility by making skin sag. That said, cellulite forms in areas with little circulation so is a big fan of people who sit at their desks all day long for work. Gentle exercises that build muscle in the problem areas (think squats) & increase the blood flow will certainly help reduce the appearance of cellulite and the likelihood of you developing it.

Myth 7 – Lower fat foods help to sculpt smoother thighs:

Not true in the case of “good unsaturated fats” such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (oily fish, avocado & walnuts). Eating foods that are rich in these types of fat can actually be beneficial to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite treatments that work:

SmoothShapes treatments will help to reduce the appearance of unwanted celluliteIf you’re as fed up as we are of reading about products that don’t deliver on their cellulite busting promises then this might cheer you up. Our SmoothShapes treatment is the only FDA approved laser to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The great thing about this treatment is that we can build the treatment programme around your schedule – offering either a fast track or slower option depending on how soon you need results.

We’re so confident that you’ll love the results as much as the other clients we’ve treated that we’re offering free 15 minute trials when booked online today. Just use the “book a consultation” form on this page.


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