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Waiting with baited breath for the imminent arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge’s second child, the nation couldn’t have mums more on the mind! But, after the baby has arrived we at DestinationSkin know that women can sometimes be left with more than just a bundle of joy.

Being a new mum is by no means an easy task, stretch marks, hormonal acne, varicose veins, excess hair growth and lack lustre skin is not something which any woman with a new baby wants to deal with, which is why DestinationSkin is here to help!


Stretch marks

Stretch marks are possibly one of the most-known side effects of having a baby. They are the result of skin stretching suddenly and appear as narrow lines or streaks on the surface of the skin. They begin red or purple but then fade to a silvery-white colour. The reason we see visible marks on the skin is due to the middle layer of the skin tearing, allowing the lower down layers to show through. Women experience hormonal changes in pregnancy, which actually affects their skin and makes them more susceptible to stretch marks.
Here at DestinationSkin we often treat the appearance of stretch marks as a result of pregnancy – most commonly found on the stomach, upper thighs and breasts. Our Dermaroller treatment is perfect for targeting this issue as it breaks the skin around the scar, forcing the body to rush and regenerate the skin. New skin cells are generated, new collagen is formed and the blood supply is enhanced to the damaged area. Results can be seen after 6 weeks and will provide a long lasting improvement to the marked area.


Acne is very common during pregnancy, many women who have never had acne before can suddenly find themselves breaking out. This is due to the flux in hormone levels which increases the skin’s production of natural oils.
At DestinationSkin we offer the Pumpkin Peel, which is packed with antibacterial ingredients to fight acne. The Salicylic Acid helps to prevent and treat acne while calming down post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which comes with pregnancy. Acne is calmed, flare-ups are prevented and its appearance reduced.

Excess Hair

Many women will be taken by surprise by the sudden excess hair growth that occurs during their pregnancy. This is of course nothing to worry about and occurs because of the fluctuating hormone levels in a pregnant woman’s body. The hair on our body is usually in one of two phases – growing and then falling out or resting. For most people, about 90% of their hair is growing and only 10% resting, for pregnant women however, the increased hormone level means that a larger percentage of hair is in the resting phase. This means that fewer hairs fall out and thicker hair is the result. Unfortunately this does not all centre on the head (which would be a welcome benefit) but appears on many different areas of the body – some unwelcome.
Here at DestinationSkin we offer Laser Hair Removal where a laser beam is used to damage the hair follicle and prevent future growth. Hair will fall out a short time after the treatment and a course of around 6-12 will be needed to result in a completely smooth area. Although this treatment may sound a little on the scary side, it actually only feels like you are being flicked by a rubber band.

Lack lustre skin

A woman’s body is put under a great deal of strain when she is pregnant and many of the essential nutrients and vitamins that she needs to keep her skin looking healthy can be taken away by the baby. Unfortunately while you are pregnant the baby comes first! This can result in skin looking a little lack-lustre and in need of a little TLC even after the baby has been born.
Our Glycolic Stem Cell Peel is perfect for reviving tired looking skin. The lilac stem cells that it contains sink deep into the skin and revive it from the inside out while the acid component of the peel gently exfoliates the top layer of skin. Skin will appear rejuvenated and refreshed and will help post-pregnant women look and feel fantastic even while they are recovering from their pregnancy.

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