#This Is Me

In todays age, ‘Dermal fillers’ are still whispered among friends and family. However injectable treatments represent a safe and reliable way to reduce frown lines to look and feel not just younger but also more confident. For a number of reasons the negative perception of dermal fillers still remain yet did you know that out of 12.8m UK women, 1.96m would consider dermal fillers?

Injectable fillers have always been loaded to have negative social connotations and lack acceptability since it was first introduced. Looking back to 10 years ago it was classed as a dangerous, vain and unnecessary indulgence that should have been carried out in private and not talked about out loud. However a luxury treatment at a beauty spa would have been at the top of conversation as to why they are looking and feeling great amongst friends.

The media portrays a manner in which we should all be flawless and demands that we should adapt natural beauty. With large influences from magazines and now into reality tv, women tend to feel inadequate to what they are seeing and feel the pressure to look and feel like the ‘perfect’ celebrities close to their age.


At DestinationSkin we only use the most trusted brand and manufacturers in the industry and are proud to work with Allergan as one of our trusted suppliers. Our personable, professional Dr’s & Nurse’s are passionate about achieving safe and natural results for every client, and work to reassure that they are in safe hands.

Our range of injectable treatments at DestinationSkin reduce fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a softer fresher look with wrinkle relaxing injections which reduce the appearance of horizontal lines on the forehead, above the nose, crow’s feet around the eyes as well as around the lips. The Destination Skin injectable team include specialists in advanced procedures including the lower face and neck, an idea anti-aging treatment for all ages.

 This Is Me

The Allergan‘This Is Me’ campaign is here to show how millions of women choose facial fillers so they can age exactly the way they want to. From yummy mummys to CEO’s everyone’s reason to have fillers is unique and this is how women should incorporate facial fillers to put the ball of aging in their court. Read more on the real women with real stories and how they incorporate facial fillers in their life.


As attitudes towards beauty continue to shift and evolve both Allergan & DestinationSkin want to remove the scrutiny which women and men face, to make it a perfectly acceptable part of society. Wanting to look good for yourself and others is part of being human and the way you go about that is the choice of the individual and the confidence and feel they want to make.

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