April may have been more showers than sizzling sunshine, but Summer is just round the corner… are you ready? If you’re not quite prepared to bare yet, worry not – there’s still plenty of time to get gorgeous! From a dewy-fresh complexion to a flawless body you’ll look forward to showing off, we’re here to help with a bootcamp of treatments that’ll bring out your most beautiful side this Summer…

Dread flashing the flesh?
If, like most of the female population, you struggle with lumps and bumps, and worry about stretch marks, pick up the phone. You’ll be absolutely amazed just how much can be done to gently erase imperfections and give you a bikini body to be proud of. From Grazia’s favourite non-invasive cellulite treatment, the ultra-effective SmoothShapes to special lasers to soothe away stretchmarks forever, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible. We can even hep you wave goodbye to unsightly veins.

You smoothie!
Sick of shaving and fed up with paying for painful waxing? Take a closer look at laser hair removal. It usually takes between 6-12 sessions – though you’ll see an improvement from the very first treatment – and best of all, you can keep shaving in between treatments. Unlike waxing, there’s no need ‘grow out’ hair, so no need to cover up. Treatments are fast (around 15 minutes for a small area such as underarms),  and suitable for most skin types.

Repair sun damage

How deep is your tan? Deeper than you might imagine, unfortunately – take a look at the pictures to see the invisible damage revealed.

Normal lighting                                          UV Skin Scanning Technology

In fact, whenever you step out without vital SPF you damage your skin. But it’s not all bad news. Act early and add SPF to your skincare regime and you can sidestep premature aging, pigmentation and other signs of sun damage. It’s all about getting the right prescription of products, treatments and longer-term preventative measures to keep looking your gorgeous best…

Ditch the foundation – and still look radiant

There’s a whole arsenal of ultra-effective treatments to stop premature aging in its tracks and minimise any damage already done. The results? A naturally glowing, radiant, healthy complexion in plenty of time for lighter Summer make-up.

Our favourites include the very latest heal-from-within treatment, Dermaroller. It’s a clever procedure in which fine gauge needles on a roller are passed over the skin to cause a controlled inflammatory response to boost natural collagen production, leaving you with lovely, fresher, younger-looking skin.

Skin peels, the beauty industry’s favourite treatment, and microdermabrasion both deliver great results, refreshing, renewing and revealing healthy new skin. Finally, there’s lovely light therapy – Omnilux (blue) light treatment clears problem skin (happy customers report up to 81% reduction in blemishes!), and CACI technology (a mix of microcurrent toning, microdermabraison, LED photo therapy and high frequency stimulation), helps to soften lines and wrinkles, clear blemishes and remodel your skin, without the need for invasive treatment. Many describe it as a facelift without surgery…

Time for beauty bootcamp!

So, in summary, if you’re ready to get summery, it’s time to come and see your team at DestinationSkin. From treatments to improve the texture of your skin, like microneedle therapy, peels and laser skin rejuvenation to amazing results for stretch marks and cellulite, our beauty bootcamp will get you looking hot, however the Summer works out!

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