SOS! Beautiful Bottoms ….


What do women really want for Summer? Buns of steel that are as smooth as a baby’s bottom without breaking a sweat??!

Luckily, award-winning nationwide MediSpa ‘DestinationSkin’ have come up with a peachy-perfect programme to get your bottom

and thighs looking smooth, sexy and cellulite free. Whether you’ve only got days before you’re packing your passport or have months

until you need to be butt-perfect, DestinationSkin will ensure you meet your better bottom deadline – no effort necessary!

SOS Beautiful Bottom – SmoothShapes!

Sometimes a girl needs results – and fast. This super-speedy programme uses breakthrough technology and specific laser and light wavelengths to target enlarged fat cells and remodel collagen in order to smooth and tighten the skin.

The treatment is comfortable and pleasant, and it feels like a deep tissue massage. You will experience a gentle warming of the skin and your skin may appear slightly pink for up to two hours after the procedure. There is no pain or recovery time, you can go back to work and resume your normal activities immediately after the

treatment (two treatments a week for four weeks is recommended for stronger results) from £150

For more information about the SmoothShapes treatment we offer, please visit our treatment page here


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