Nurse Claire – Have you had your SKIN MOT?


Hi my name is Claire McClutchie, I am an independent nurse prescriber who since 2009 has specialised in Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics.Having worked closely with consultant dermatologists I have been involved in skin cancer screening campaigns both in the UK and in Australia. I have personal experience of the chronic skin condition Acne Vulgaris and helping clients find solutions for long term skin conditions is a huge part of my role which I find extremely rewarding.

Making the change.

We have all been there, you buy product after product and nothing seems to improve your skin. Ask yourself are you looking for that magic wanSkin MOT d product that will eradicate all of your skin problems from the first use? The solution to this dilemma is to speak to a professional who can assess your skin using a woods lamp and tailor a product regime to your specific needs. This will highlight underlying pigmentation, oil, dehydration and much more. It is not a pretty sight but it is an excellent reality check and gives you the kick start you need in to good quality skin care.

This September we have been asking our clients to take part in a ‘Skin MOT’, to see their current skin condition and what their current regime is. With this in mind, i will be giving my tips on how to get into a regular skin regime & the importance of how to not fall back into bad skin care habits.

Higher Quality products.

During consultation your practitioner will recommend Cosmeceutical products which have pharmaceutical (drug) like properties. You will notice a huge difference in how little product you need to use compared to over the counter options. Results can be seen in as little as two weeks. The right combination of products is ultimately the solution to long term skin health and satisfaction.

How to stay on the right skin care track.

We are all results driven.Following your consultation try taking a cEL_0002s_0001_Athletics-Track Runninglose up selfie of your skin. Repeat this every two weeks for three months. You will see how your skin texture transforms by using products with quality ingredients. Book in a review with your practitioner to look under the woods lamp again and see the difference your commitment to good skin care has made.

Why good skin care.

Your skin is amazing, it has the ability to both protect and heal. It is never too late to start looking after your skin but starting young has huge benefits. Using a sunscreen with physical blockers like titanium dioxide and zinc will allow UVA and UVB rays to reflect off the skin via a layer of insoluble particles. Go to for more information about the prevalence and harmful effects of UVA and UVB. Using a quality SPF protects your dermis layer which stores your collagen and elastin cells, making them last longer will keep you looking younger. Skin cancer is on the increase in the UK getting into the routine of using SPF on a daily basis will stop you getting caught out, harmful rays are prevelant even on cloudy days. Try our range of quality SPF’s containing Zinc, there are options containing mineral make-up if your time is limited in the morning.

DestinationSkin’s Hero of the month.

DestinationSkin’s hero for the month is a perfect edition to your skin care regime post summer. The evening cleanser addresses sun damage whilst targeting cell regeneration to keep signs of aging at bay. The active Glycolic Acid & Peptides assist in suppressing the skins inflammatory response to exfoliate to a healthy glow. Ask your local DestinationSkin clinic for more information and take advantage of the September 10% discount.

I hope my advice has been helpful. Speak soon

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