Mini Guide To Sclerotheraphy – Leg Vein Removal

How Do We Visible Leg Veins?

Unsightly veins is common across both men and women, especially affecting their confidence in the summer months. They are caused by a number of reasons including hormones, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure and in some cases can even be hereditary.

So What Is Sclerotheraphy?

It’s an non-invasive treatment performed by a Doctor or Nurse where they inject the veins with a solution (fibrovein) to destroy the lining of the vein. In time your body will destroy as it clots and is dissolved into the body – simpleBefore & After Sclerotherapy

What Happens After The Treatment?

You can resume regular activity after your treatment which is a bonus in any scenario, however if there is anything to avoid your Doctor or Nurse will advise you. You will be recommended to wear compression stocking to squeeze your legs to improve circulation and also be advised to do some extra walking to help.

What Results Will I See?

The area will be a little bruised with some mild redness but then you will see a gradual improvement as the damaged veins absorb into the blood stream. Most clients will see dramatic results after 2 months of your treatments.

How Much Does It Cost?

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