Mini Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Firstly what Is Laser Hair Removal?

In a nutshell… The laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle which stops future hair growth. The laser targets the colour in the hair called pigment, so the darker hair (pigment) the easier it is for the laser to hit the follicle.

How many treatments do I need to have?

Generally between 6 – 12 treatments in total with a treatment every 4 weeks for facial hair & every 6-8 weeks for body hair. Your practitioner will be able to recommend the exact number of treatments. The hair follicles that absorb the laser will never grow back, however some follicles will go dormant and could reactivate with hormonal changes as we age. If you do have regrowth this will be dramatically (but these hairs will be lighter and finer).

Popular Hair Removal AreasWhy do I need so many treatments?

Your first treatments will target the hairs which regularly grow, and then the remaining treatments will target (and most importantly) destroy any of the potential hair follicles. This will be towards the end of your course and give you the best results.


What results will I get?

Laser & IPL hair removal will remove 75-80% of hair which is honestly a vast improvement leaving people extremely pleased with their results. You may have to shave a few patches every several weeks but there will be a significant reduction….. LIFE CHANGING STUFF.

Are there any areas that cannot be treat?

Mostly all areas of the body can be treated, however if there is an area your want to be treated then we can advise… Don’t be embarrassed our practitioners are extremely professional and consultations are strictly confidential. We are not able to treat inside the nose or ears which is often required by our male customers.

Can you treat all skin tones and hair types ?

10 25pc regrowth

Yes, we proudly (and like to boast) can treat all skin types with our advanced Laser & IPL machines. It is most effective on dark hair as there is a greater pigment difference however your practitioner will be able to advise. We are unable to treat fine light hair as the laser wont be able to detect the dark pigment, but again our practitioner will be able to advise.

What hair removal can I use in-between treatments?

Following your treatment it will take about 2 weeks for the hairs to shed naturally from the skin. You can shave 2 days after your treatment, but try not shave as regularly in between treatments so that the hairs can fall naturally from the skin. Throughout the course do not wax, thread, tweeze, sugar or pluck any hairs as this removes the hair from the follicle we want to target.

What Now?

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