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Today, we’re having a chat with Marie Dolan, Destination Skin’s Head Nurse Practitioner. Marie has been with Destination Skin since 2009, and leads our talented clinical team. We’ve been talking Dermaroller, skin secrets and why you’re in safe hands at Destination Skin.  

Hi Marie, so you’re a Head Nurse Practitioner. What does that mean in practice?
Well, there are two sides to my role. I perform a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments personally, but more than that, I also supervise, train and support the clinical team.

We’re lucky enough to work in a field that’s always developing, so to make sure we always deliver a first class, safe, quality-driven, client focused service, it’s up to me to ensure that our team of 8 nurse prescribers, dentists and doctors are always right up to date with the latest treatments and technological advances in anti-ageing, cosmetic treatments and non-surgical enhancement.

What about your practice – what kind of treatments do you perform?

I cover the Bristol, Birmingham and Windsor clinics. They’re extremely busy, which I absolutely love – no two days are ever the same, and treatments may include toxin, lip augmentations, mid-face volumisation, cheek enhancement, nose remodelling with dermal fillers, hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) to name but a few! I also consult alongside practitioners, and prescribe our more powerful skin care creams.

So who is your typical client?

I see both men and woman, from younger females requiring simple cosmetic enhancements through to the mature client requiring a variety of advanced treatments on the day.

There’s been a lot of talk in the press about lack of qualifications in the aesthetics industry. Is everyone on the Destination Skin clinical team a qualified medical professional?

Absolutely. Personally, I’m a Registered General Nurse practitioner (RGN) registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC), and a registered Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP). Across our 26 clinics, we have eight highly skilled Injectable specialists including Dentists, Doctors and Nurse practitioners. Every one is fully qualified, extensively trained and very experienced

Speaking of experience, approximately how many procedures have you personally performed?

I actually stopped counting five or so years ago – by then the figure was in the region of about 6000!

That’s a lot of treatments – it’s easy to see why clients feel in safe hands. What else makes Destination Skin the best choice in terms of safety?

The clinical staff, practitioners, premises, rooms, training, and updates are all stringently regulated so our clients can be assured we only offer best practice in a safe environment.

We’re also better than some more specialist alternatives because we can treat more holistically – we offer the whole treatment spectrum, from single treatments to a course of various treatments, depending on the client’s concerns and what they want to achieve.

So it’s very much a personalised experience?

Exactly. It goes without saying that a personal consultation and a course of prescribed treatments tailored for your individual skin will of course offer the most benefit. After all, ageing is a ticking clock so to ensure ongoing results and improvements a course of treatments will always remain superior… and if you support your regime with take-home products and start thinking about prevention, results will be even better.

What’s your ultimate skincare tip?

It’s all about sunblock! I see so many clients investing in skin care lotions, injectable treatments, facelifts and more… yet they don’t use a sun block to protect their skin on a daily basis.

As well as the risk of skin cancer, sun damage has been shown to accelerate the ageing process to that of smoker’s skin.

Fine, pesky crepe damaged skin and pigmentation will all eventually present on the face of those who did not protect the skin in the sun, and though we can do a great deal to improve the signs of ageing, prevention is always better than cure.

solar-moisturiser-spf30 (1)

Treatment wise, we’ve heard a lot about Dermaroller recently. Can you tell us a bit more about how it works?

The science behind the Dermaroller has in fact been under our noses all along. When the skin is injured or traumatised there is a surge in fibroblasts to the site of injury that are in fact the powerhouse for new collagen. And new collagen is great news, because it creates softer, regenerated, plumper skin.

The concept of traumatising the skin to encourage self-repair through this process is not a new phenomenon. What’s new is the technology behind the Dermaroller itself.  It’s an extremely clever and safe treatment to trick the skin into responding to this controlled trauma, producing an abundance of new collagen cells and beautiful, natural results.

It’s not painful as such either – rather a little uncomfortable at worst! Having received and given so many treatments to date I have many techniques and tricks up my sleeve to help clients who are concerned about injections or discomfort.

Do you have any treatments yourself?

I believe strongly in all of the treatments we offer, not least because I have personally experienced them but with such a loyal client base throughout the UK. To be honest, I’ll only offer treatments I am passionate about, that have proven themselves to be effective and results-driven. I have to really understand each and every treatment, and to do this I often undergo non-surgical treatments to be sure.

And what about your skincare routine?

I cleanse, stimulate, repair and protect my skin daily. To do this I use a gentle cleanser, a stem cell activator (Dermaquest) followed by L-ascorbic acid VitC – which I advise all of my clients to introduce into their daily skin care regime. It’s amazing stuff – the most powerful anti-oxidant that not only lightens and brightens the skin within 3 weeks of using it, but it also accelerates repair and oxygenates the skin. Finally, I always use my SPF.

What inspires you to do what you do?

My inspiration is undoubtedly my clients. There have been so many examples over the years where I have been inspired to further develop my skills and understanding to offer the very latest techniques and products.

For example, toxin can make a big difference to people who suffer from excessive sweating – a problem that’s called hyperhidrosis. One lady had suffered in silence with excessive sweating under the armpits for over 20 years – to the extent of wearing sanitary pads under her shirt.  Now, following toxin injections 6 monthly, she can finally wear the clothes she has always wanted too and no longer suffers at the hands of this embarrassing condition.

Wow, so not all procedures are for cosmetic reasons?

Well I suppose it depends how you define cosmetic. Recently, a client had become increasingly self-conscious about ageing lines around her mouth, now feels far more confident at work in meetings or at home with friends – a big result for a simple dermal filler treatment.

Another client was extremely self- conscious about spider veins on her leg. It had got to the point where she felt she couldn’t wear dresses or shorts in the summer. Following a course of sclerotherapy, she’s no longer so self-conscious and can’t wait to show her legs in shorts this year!

And this is just a snapshot of the positive impact I am fortunate enough make – it’s cases like these that really inspire me.

 Thanks Marie – it’s great to learn what a difference treatments can make, and how committed you and your team are to ensuring great results for clients.

Marie consults in our Cheltenham, Bristol, Birmingham and Windsor clinics, and oversees clinical practice across the group. To make an appointment to discuss injectables with her, contact the clinic directly.


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