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Today we’re talking to Dr Eibi Inieko, cosmetic doctor, injectables and prescriptives specialist at our Muswell HillBarnetCityRichmondBasingstokeReading, Guildford, Maddox

So tell us a little bit about your role Dr Eibi, where do you fit into the clinical team?

I work with clinic teams across 8 of the DestinationSkin clinics, providing expert care and cover for injectable treatments and treatments that require a prescription.

Day to day, that means I talk to clients about what they’d like to achieve, and work in partnership with practitioners to define a regime that may include injectables, prescriptive and practitioner-administered treatments, alongside general skincare advice and product recommendations to continue the good work at home.

So if we were interested in reducing our wrinkles, you’d be the chap to chat to?

Absolutely. Personally, I’ve performed 1000+ treatments.

What brought you into the cosmetic field?

Well, I’m a fully qualified medical doctor and full member of the general medical council.  As part of my training and early career, I worked in multiple different specialities, (cardiology, medicine, surgery, stroke medicine) until I found a speciality that I loved – cosmetic medicine.

I honed my skills working in across a wide variety of specialities, and now really enjoy being a member of the DestinationSkin team – I wanted to work with a large established chain of nationally recognised clinics, and here I am!

 It must be rewarding to help people make changes that see them feel much more confident about themselves. Do you have a treatment specialism?

I apply special focus to all areas of my practice but I particularly enjoy all toxin treatments and treating the nasolabial folds with fillers.

The results can be amazing. Is it the most dramatic improvement you’ve seen?

No, the biggest change I’ve helped to bring about was for a client who visited us for help with thread veins on her legs. She was extremely embarrassed, as the veins were rather extensive.

We successfully completed a sclerotherapy treatment programme, and she was absolutely delighted with the results – and I was over the moon when she told me that she’d finally felt confident enough to wear a skirt for the first time in 15 years.

What’s your ultimate skincare tip? 

Sun protection and moisturisation. I swear by both.

Do you have any treatments yourself?

I’m lucky enough not to need any yet – however I am not against exploring this avenue when the time feels right.

Finally, what are you passionate about in terms of work – what inspires you to do what you do?
Although this is a cosmetic industry, I treat it as a medical speciality. My clients MUST and ALWAYS WILL come first.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Dr Eibi – it’s good to know that there are clinicians out there who really understand and care about the aesthetic problems that can make a real difference to our lives.


To make an appointment to discuss injectables with Dr Eibi, please contact your local clinic on 0845 125 8415

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