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A complaint you often hear from women is “I’ve tried everything out there and nothing really works.”

Store shelves and beauty counters are overflowing with skin care products. Television and magazine advertising promote the latest “miracle in a jar”. It’s information overload and you are more baffled than ever when you look in the mirror.
This is where a qualified aesthetician or facialist can help. Trained to help you find the best products and treatments for YOUR skin, a visit to a skin clinic can put an end to the confusion.
Detailed questioning and a thorough analysis of your skin will address any concerns you have. Your facialist can then suggest what types of products and facial treatments would be beneficial to you.

This week, let’s look at treatment for a common problem;
Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea is a form of dermatitis whereby the “butterfly” of the face, that is the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, are prone to redness, breakouts and small broken veins sometimes referred to as “spider veins”. It can also appear on other areas of the body.
If you suspect you may have rosacea, your first step should be to see your doctor for a definitive diagnosis. He or she may also prescribe oral and/or topical medication. If you are taking medication for rosacea, be sure to let your facialist know this.
Redness can be caused by numerous factors such as environment, for example sudden changes in temperature from cold to hot. Or it may be vascular in nature ie: flushing, whereby the blood vessels in the skin are dilated, making the skin look red. Something as simple as alcohol or spicy foods can trigger this. Hormonal imbalances can also be the culprit, as many peri-menopausal and menopausal women can attest to.

Treatments for Rosacea and Redness
Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy can give good results for reducing the appearance of broken veins and breakouts caused by rosacea. A course of sessions is usually needed, along with appropriate follow up care.
Basically, laser and IPL therapy works by converting light energy into heat energy. When this energy is directed at the affected area, it results in a gradual reduction in the visible appearance of redness, breakouts, veins and even scarring from previous breakouts. Laser and IPL therapy is also helpful in treating hyperpigmentation (dark patches on the skin) and age spots.
The sensation is similar to a pinprick on the skin, which some people may find uncomfortable though not intolerable. Post therapy, the treated area may feel warm and look red. This is temporary and you will be given appropriate after care advice, including refraining from direct sun exposure or the use of tanning treatments.
Redness is usually less complicated to treat, and there are numerous facial treatments available that are formulated specifically to soothe and calm the skin. Your facialist should be able to help you with this, including advising you on what products and treatments are beneficial and which you should avoid.


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