JLO Glow At 46…


Jennifer Lopez

We all want that JLO glow and especially  when she looks this good at the age of 46!

But Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been shy with her anti-aging skin regime and boosts her youthful look with the hand of CACI treatments.

CACI which stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, is a popular treatment for those not looking to start injectable treatments or go for avasive surgery.

We all know that JLo is a fan of a good workout, and the CACI machine is almost like a workout for your face. It works by using a micro current to stimulate muscle & tissue to lift and tighten the skin. Tiny electrical impulses work with your bio electrical field to tighten and tone muscles and wrinkles. It is a pain free gripping action, which looks more weird than what it sounds.

It isn’t just a favorite with JLO, it is also popular with Madonna & Linda Evangelista who have the machines at home.

The best thing about the CACI is that you will start to see results sooner than what you would expert. With clients often commenting on how much smoother and hydrated their skin feels after their first treatment. We advise regular treatments but a skin specialist will be able to advise on how many treatments are needed to get the ‘JLO’ results you want.

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