High Street Vs Skin Specialist

DestinationSkin Difference StampIt seems like a great idea booking in for a (cheapish) facial and giving your skin some attention. However booking at a spa or high street salon may be causing even more damage for your skin than.

The treatments which you will find at spa or high street are typically not performed by trained skin specialists who understand the affects of professional products and specific skin conditions. An expert skin specialist will work from professional products taking into account how the clinically proven ingredients will work with your skin type.

Facials on the high street are often miscommunicated make your skin look younger and brighter but using incorrect products can thin the skin on your face and make you have the reverse effect.

‘The trouble is, women then get addicted to these treatments and their appearance afterwards. Few realise the outer layer of skin is not useless dead cells but a vital protective barrier. It keeps out pollution, conserves moisture, acts as our skin’s own natural sunscreen and keeps acne bacteria at bay. A Skin Peel or Microdermabrasion treatment may be OK once a month, but if women have these treatments weekly or even more frequently, they will interfere with the skin’s protective barrier. This can lead to chronic levels of inflammation, thread veins and pigmentation.’ Dr Lowe

It becomes more of an issue in the spring and summer months as you are at risk of developing pigmentation without when we start to get more sun on our skin. There tends to be no direct aftercare on how you should protect your skin after treatment and how to correct side effects.  Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body… Look after it!


DestinationSkin Difference

DS sExperience Skin Specialist – Our experience practitioners are renowned for their exceptional levels of training and professionalism. We have an impeccable safety record and safely treat thousands of clients every year. So you can rest assured that our people have the skills and experience to offer advanced treatments, safely and with confidence.


DS sDestinationSkin Treatment Journey – We constantly assess your treatment journey taking into account lifestyle, medication and contributing factors. So we can always give you a detailed assessment and programme to get the results you want and need.


DS sAftercare & Support – Following your consultation and treatment, your practitioner will advise you on any required aftercare tailored to your skin, and what appropriate skincare products to use at home to maintain your results


DS sGold Standard Products – We only use clinically proven products backed by research and innovation. All of our products have been established from scientific research and formulations. If your chosen provider is reputable, they will be happy to answer any questions and provide information on the products used.









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