Hair All Gone? Yes, It’s possible!


That’s how much you might spend on waxing over 10 years. But there is another way…

If there’s one beauty wish we hear time and time again, it’s “I wish I could say goodbye to unwanted hair”. Ladies, frankly, we agree. Whether you’re a fan of a shave in the shower or made of sterner stuff and head off for waxing or threading, hair removal is a tiresome, painful, expensive business. But would you ever consider doing a Julia Roberts and going au natural? Thought not! So what can be done…?

IPL – Intense Pulse Light
IPL permanent hair reduction is, in our opinion, the best way to attack unwanted hair. You get to say goodbye to the hassles of hair removal – no more waxing or shaving – and results are permanent. You don’t have to grow the hairs long before the treatment, can shave up to three days before, and it doesn’t hurt like waxing or threading.

How does it work?
IPL works by destroying the hair follicles so they stop growing hairs – intense red light travels down the shaft of the hair to ‘zap’ the follicle. It takes a number of sessions to get hair free because hairs grow in cycles, and we can only treat follicles where there are hairs are visible on the surface of the skin.

Electrolysis – in electrolysis, a fine needle is inserted is used to ‘zap’ hair follicles individually, follicle by follicle, using an electrical current. It’s a precision hair removal procedure for small areas of hair growth or for fine and downy or coarser hair. Again, electrolysis is suitable for all skin tones.

What happens in an IPL treatment?
First we cleanse and smooth on a soothing, cooling gel. Then your practitioner will pass the IPL machine over your skin. A red light flashes over the skin, and it feels a bit like a hot elastic band flicking your skin – it lasts a millisecond, then there’s no lasting sensation. You might go a little pink for 10 minutes to half an hour then you’re done.

You’ll need to come back when the hairs grow again, until they disappear completely. After hair reduction, you have to be more careful with your skin than usual – you use aloe vera gel for 3-4 days to sooth, calm and heal.

Who does it suit?
The lighter your skin and the darker your hair, the better results you can expect. If you have dark skin, IPL may not be suitable, though it’s best to discuss your options with your practitioner. We use the Fitzpatrick scale. Types 1, 2, 3 and 4 are usually best, though your practitioner will talk through the options with you. We always do a patch test so you can see how the procedure feels, and be sure that your skin is suitable.

How many treatments will I need?
Typically you’ll need 6-9 treatments, 12 in exceptional circumstances. And it really works – IPL hair reduction is one of the most popular treatments at DestinationSkin. In the words of one happy customer:

“I have spent years shaving, epilating, you name it! I had IPL on my arm hairs and I am amazed at the outcome.  I never thought could get results like these.”

How much does IPL cost?
It depends how many areas you’d like to treat. If you want to say goodbye to unwanted hair everywhere, Hair-all-Gone is a brilliant option. It costs £1980 for 12 sessions of laser/IPL hair removal treatments across multiple areas of the body, for one hour per month. An upfront payment of £495 will get you started (first 3 months) and just £165 thereafter for the next 9 months. That’s an average of 40% off normal course prices.

Example Payment Plan:

  • Month 1 of treatment £495 (total of 3 months up front)
  • Month 4 £165
  • Month 5 £165

And so on for the remaining 9 months… then you’re hair-free. No more shaving. No more waxing. No more hassle. And no more wasting money on salon hair removal…

Hair All Gone vs. waxing and shaving
Based on leg, underarm and bikini waxing at between £80-£100 every every four-six weekly session, you’ll spend between £695 – £1,300 a year. That’s between £6,950 – £13,000 over 10 years. Ouch – in practice, and for your bank balance!

Wax ‘down there’ and shave elsewhere?
Get a monthly Brazilian for around £25, then spend another £10 on razors and foam. £35 a month, over 12 adds up to £420 a year… so over ten years, you’ll spend upwards of £4,200 on a painful, time-consuming process.

So once you’ve done your research and your sums, you can see why IPL is our hair removal treatment of choice!

Why not book your patch test today – and take advantage of this month’s generous offer and save up to 40% on laser/IPL hair reduction treatments.



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